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Top Performers
Pub. DateCompany% Gain
05/17/2016 MIME + 207.12
01/07/2016 QUAD + 198.90
05/24/2016 EXEL + 185.08
01/30/2015 CORT + 161.51
01/19/2017 TAL + 149.84
08/20/2015 MSG + 141.43
01/09/2017 EXAS + 140.34
07/13/2015 OHRP + 128.83
06/28/2016 CHRS + 121.47
01/06/2016 MEET + 118.01

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RTTNews Short-Term Investor identifies stocks with the highest potential for price appreciation within the next 6 months.

Receive 30 to 40 top investment opportunities a month – stocks poised to generate short-term gains based on an in-depth assessment of news impact, potential catalysts, and company fundamentals.

Take a look at our Complete Performance. If you notice, a bulk of the gains occurs within a 100-trading day time frame.

Your investment success is priority one...the reason why we provide a complete performance table for all the stocks we publish, unlike other services that highlight a few top gainers. This transparency helps you, the user, to evaluate the the true performance of the service

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