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If you are looking for short-term stock investment ideas, then RTTNews Short-Term Investor is your ultimate destination. This service identifies stocks with the highest potential for price appreciation in the near-term.

We do not use a cookie-cutter process or rely on software tools to select the stocks we publish. Our experienced research staff sifts through news and fundamental data for thousands of stocks, and provides our subscribers with the top investment opportunities that seem best positioned to generate short-term gains.

RTTNews Short-Term Investor service will save you hours of research every day, and provide 40 to 50 investment opportunities every month that you might have otherwise missed.

For each stock we identify as a potential investment idea, we publish a concise research report with insight into why we believe the stock may be poised for upside in the next few weeks.

Top Performers
Pub. DateCompany% Gain
09/12/2013 OMER + 162.10
08/08/2013 GCAP + 144.07
07/16/2013 NQ + 121.52
03/14/2013 SCMP + 93.90
06/13/2013 VSTM + 88.20
07/23/2013 FLTX + 55.18
08/01/2013 AFFX + 55.00
08/27/2013 ANFI + 50.81
08/08/2013 APFC + 47.78
08/07/2013 III + 45.83

Here are a few samples of our recent stocks and their performance:
  • We alerted our subscribers to OMER on September 12th at $5.25, and the stock reached a high of $13.29 on October 3, returning 153% in just 16 trading days. See our complete performance table for more such gainers.

  • GCAP had a gain of 144% in 35 trading sessions.

  • ANFI moved up 51% in 20 trading sessions.

As with these samples, the bulk of the gains for this product usually occur within 30 to 45 trading days. However, some stocks continue to trend higher for several weeks.

Unlike other services that highlight a few top gainers, we provide a complete performance table for all the stocks we publish, so you can see the true performance of the service at any given time. The consistent performance of over 80% positive returns on the over 300 stocks we published in 2012 speaks for itself.

By incorporating our expertise and research into your trading strategy, you can find the best trading opportunities every day, saving you precious time that would otherwise be spent on research. Let our experts provide you with timely insight and analysis, while you focus on your investment strategy.

Your investment success matters to us. This is precisely why we are offering you a FREE, no- obligation 30-day trial. This offer is 100% RISK-FREE. If you are satisfied with the service after 30 days, continue using the service at just $50/month.

Sign up today and let us help you find the best short-term investment opportunities.

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When you sign up for 'RTTNews Short-term Investor', you also gain access to our professional global newswire at no additional cost. This is the premium newswire used by Wall Street professionals and their peers round the world to stay in tune with the latest news.

With your subscription you will receive:
  • 40 to 50 stock research reports a month.
  • Free Access to RTT’s Professional Newswire
  • Email alerts when we publish new research reports
  • Access to archive of all past research reports and comprehensive performance data


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Last Update on 10/08/2013