salmonellaob-052215.jpg More than fifty people were infected with pathogenic Salmonella bacteria in a multi-state outbreak in U.S., probably from sushi that used raw tuna fish. Fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps are the main symptoms, usually after 12 to 72 hours of infection.
hacking-052215.jpg A popular dating website has allegedly been hacked, with the hacker exposing the sensitive personal and sexual details of nearly 4 million users on to the web. UK television station Channel 4 News said it discovered the database as part of an ongoing investigation of the cyber underworld.
uber-052215.jpg Uber's first experimental self-driving car has been spotted driving around the streets of Pittsburgh. The test vehicle for Uber's self-driving car program is a modified Ford Fusion, with the words 'Uber's Advanced Technologies Center' marked on the side of the vehicle. Uber has confirmed that the vehicle is part of its early research efforts regarding mapping, safety and autonomy systems.
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