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Former Child Actor Sawyer Sweeten Commits Suicide At 19

"Everybody Loves Raymond" actor Sawyer Sweeten has taken his own life at the age of 19. He appeared on the series between 1996 and 2005 in the role of Geoffrey Barone, the son of Ray Romano's character. Sweeten's agent Dino May confirmed news of the actor's passing earlier this week and his family also released a statement about his death.

Elton John's Heart-Shaped Glasses Stolen From Memphis Museum

A pair of Elton John's iconic heart-shaped glasses have been stolen from a museum. According to TMZ, the glasses were taken from the Rock 'n' Soul Museum in Memphis, even though the case that contained them was locked. As of now, nobody knows how the thief managed to break into the display and steal the glasses.

Ryan Gosling Added To Cast Of 'Blade Runner'

Ryan Gosling has been added to the upcoming sequel of "Blade Runner," the 1982 sci-fi classic starring Harrison Ford. Ford returns for the sequel, reprising his role as Rick Deckard, while Gosling's role has not been made public. In the original, Dekard's mission was to hunt down and kill machines that were nearly identical to humans.

Sarah Jessica Parker Set For HBO's 'Divorce'

Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly signed on to appear in a new HBO series titled "Divorce." The show is described as similar to "Sex and the City" but with a leading character who is wiser and more world-weary. Parker will play the lead role of Frances, a long-time New Yorker "who suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break . . ."