Pharma-120817.jpg Today's Daily Dose brings you news about AstraZeneca's phase I/II study evaluating Acalabrutinib alone and in combination in chronic lymphocytic leukemia; bluebird's update on LentiGlobin gene therapy product candidate in patients with severe sickle cell disease and Kura's phase II study results of Tipifarnib in patients with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.
Spotify and China's Tencent Music Entertainment, both popular online music streaming service, has agreed to buy minority stakes in each other. The value of the deal or shareholding sizes have not been...
Apple is reportedly near to acquire music recognition app Shazam for about $400m. According to tech blog Techcrunch, the iPhone maker is close to a deal to buy Shazam, the UK company founded in 1999...
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