Image1-091914.jpg Testosterone, often considered as the "fountain of youth", is the major sex hormone in men, and as they age the level of this hormone also naturally declines. The condition in which the body doesn't produce enough testosterone is known as hypogonadism or simply, Low T.
GSKi-091914.jpg GlaxoSmithKline Plc announced Friday that its Chinese unit GSK China Investment Co. Ltd or GSKCI was ordered to pay a fine of 297 million pounds or 3 billion Chinese yuan, after a Chinese court found the unit guilty of bribing non-government personnel.
Vivendi-091914.jpg French conglomerate Vivendi SA (VIV.L, VIVEF.PK) Friday announced a definitive agreement with Telefonica SA (TDE.L, TEF) to sell its wholly-owned Brazilian broadband unit Global Village Telecom or GVT to the Spanish telecom operator.
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