Clinical Trial Calendar

Results Date
Company Name
after Q1 2019
argenx SE
Full data from the Phase 2 trial of Efgartigimod
Pemphigus Vulgaris
Q1 2019
Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Top-line data from Phase 2 clinical trial of OPTN001, a naloxone nasal spray
Bulimia Nervosa
OPKO Health Inc.
Data readout for first cohort of Phase 2 clinical trial of RAYALDEE
Secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) in adults with vitamin D insufficiency and stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD)
Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd.
Top-line data from pivotal Phase III clinical trials for TWIN
Acne vulgaris
after Q1 2019
Aridis Pharmaceuticals Inc
Interim data from phase II trial of AR-105
Acute pneumonia caused by P. aeruginosa infection
Aridis Pharmaceuticals Inc
Data from Phase I trial of AR-501
Cystic fibrosis
Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Co Ltd.
Submission of NDA for Rimegepant
Acute treatment of migraine
Early 2019
Top line results from phase III study of Multikine
Head and neck cancer
Early 2019
Cytori Therapeutics Inc.
1 year data from Japanese ADRESU clinical trial
Post-surgical male stress urinary incontinence
after Q1 2019
Cerecor Inc.
Data from phase I study of CERC-301
Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension (nOH) associated with Parkinson's disease
after Q1 2019
Surface Oncology, Inc.
Initial clinical results from phase I trial of SRF231
Solid and hematologic malignancies
after Q1 2019
Cocrystal Pharma, Inc.
Filing of IND for CC-42344
after Q1 2019
Submission of NDA for Zanubrutinib
Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
after Q1 2019
BeyondSpring Inc.
Submission of NDA for Plinabulin
Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
after Q1 2019
Novus Therapeutics, Inc.
Top line data from phase I study of OP-02
Otitis media with effusion in children
after Q1 2019
Novus Therapeutics, Inc.
Top line data from phase I study of OP-02
Acute otitis media in adults
after Q1 2019
Savara Inc
Top-line results from phase 2a clinical study of Molgradex (OPTIMA)
Persistent pulmonary NTM infection
after Q1 2019
Therapix Biosciences Ltd.
Top-line results from phase IIa, sponsor-initiated trial of THX-110
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
ProQR Therapeutics
Full data from phase I/II clinical trial of QR-110
Leber congenital amaurosis 10
Q1 2019
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.
Top line results from full Phase 3 HONOR study of Tonmya or TNX-102 SL(HONOR)
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Early 2019
VBI Vaccines Inc.
Data from Phase 1/2a clinical study of VBI-1901
Recurrent glioblastoma
Q1 2019
Updated data from ongoing phase II basket studies of Setmelanotide
POMC and MC4 pathway heterozygous deficiency obesities, POMC epigenetic disorders
Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd.
Top-line data from pivotal Phase III clinical program evaluating safety and efficacy of Epsolay (formerly VERED)
Papulopustular rosacea (also known as subtype II rosacea)
Early 2019
Caladrius Biosciences, Inc.
Top line data from phase II clinical trial of CLBS03 (T-Rex study)
Type 1 diabetes (T1D)
Amicus Therapeutics Inc.
Data from new Cohort 4 in ATB200-02 study as part of the ongoing Phase 1/2 study
Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) switch patients