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telefonica-nov15.jpg Spanish telecom giant Telefónica has teamed up with IBM to use their blockchain platform to streamline its core business and network processes. Telefónica will use blockchain to address complex challenges in services delivered by it that register data and information from different sources. Telefónica will use the IBM Blockchain Platform powered by the IBM Cloud.

sweetgreenblockchain-nov15.jpg Sweetgreen, an American fast casual restaurant chain that serves salads, announced its plan to trial blockchain technology to track food supply. The company, which make food using fresh ingredients and produce delivered that morning, said it views blockchain in its supply chain as the most viable solution that can create better tasting produce and insights around each ingredient.

mufg-ripplenet-111418.jpg Japan's MUFG Bank agreed with Brazilian bank Banco Bradesco S.A. to collaborate on developing a new cross-border payment service to the Latin American country. Under the agreement, MUFG Bank will develop the cross-border payments service between Japan and Brazil using San Francisco-based Ripple's global enterprise blockchain network RippleNet.

bicube-nov14.jpg South Korea's Myongji Hospital, one of the largest in the country, has teamed up with local IT firm BICube to develop a blockchain-powered medical information exchange system. The partners intend to commercialize the service by 2019. The data exchange service will be provided by the hospital through the inter-hospital blockchain to other online hospitals after gaining the patients' consent.

australiacbacsiro-nov12.jpg Australia's federal science agency and one of the biggest commercial banks in the country claim to have successfully tested a new type of smart money, powered by blockchain, to make it easier for citizens with disabilities to settle insurance payments. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization's (CSIRO) digital innovation center "Data61" and Commonwealth Bank of Australia (

americanexpress-nov14.jpg Financial services firm American Express or Amex has filed a patent for a blockchain-based system that can match the images of a receipt with stored records. According to a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO patent filing, named "Linking digital images with related records", the system offers a new method to receive, record and transmit images of receipts.

accenture-digitalasset-111318.jpg Technology consultant Accenture has teamed up with New York-based financial technology firm Digital Asset to use their blockchain platform for managing software licenses throughout their lifecycle. The new software license management tool uses Digital Asset's smart contract language, DAML, to manage software license events from origination to purchase, facilitating tracking, usage and audit.

singaporeexchange-nov12.jpg Singapore Exchange Limited joined with the Monetary Authority of Singapore to leverage blockchain technology for settlement of tokenized assets. In a statement, SGX said they have developed Delivery versus Payment or DvP capabilities for the settlement of tokenized assets across different blockchain platforms. DvP is a settlement procedure where securities and monies are simultaneously exchanged.

malaysianuniversities-111218.jpg The Malaysian Ministry of Education launched an e-Scroll system for a consortium of Malaysian public universities to verify and validate degree certificates using a blockchain-powered web application. The need for such a system has arisen due to the increasing number of fake degrees and how easily available they are via the Internet.

ibmseagate-nov9.jpg Hard drive maker Seagate is teaming up with IBM to launch a project to help reduce global hard drive counterfeiting using blockchain technology and security technologies. According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, global trade in counterfeit and pirated electronic products has reached more than $1.7 trillion in value.

dltblockchain-nov09.jpg A new research report shows that some companies are dropping the word Blockchain altogether saying it is over-hyped, and instead prefer distributed ledger technology or DLT. According to Forrester Research's report titled "Predictions 2019: Distributed Ledger Technology", many companies are over-hyping the usefulness of blockchain or using the name of the technology to repackage existing services.

etoro-gooddollar-110818.jpg Israeli social trading and investing platform eToro launched a blochchain-powered GoodDollar experiment with $1 million in funding to research how to reduce global wealth inequality. eToro is also calling for more "brains, ambassadors and funders" to join the experiment which will use new technologies powered by blockchain. The experiment uses the principles of universal basic income (UBI).

dtcc-110718.jpg Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) said it advanced to the testing phase of its ground-breaking project to move its credit derivatives Trade Information Warehouse (TIW) to blockchain platform and cloud. 15 of the world's largest global banks are participating in the project with DTCC, the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry. U.K.-based

valenciaportatho-nov7.jpg Spain's Port Authority of Valencia or Valenciaport, has joined the blockchain-enabled shipping solution project TradeLens as "Early Adopters." The solution is jointly developed by Danish transport and logistics giant Maersk and IBM by applying blockchain to the world's global supply chain. The partnership will facilitate application of blockchain technology in Valenciaport's logistics chain.

blockchainstellar-nov07.jpg Blockchain, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, plans to distribute around $125 million worth of Stellar lumens to its users, as part of efforts to drive mainstream adoption of the crypto. In the giveaway, termed "airdrop", perhaps the largest of its kind, Blockchain has joined with Stellar Development Foundation to hand over the coins. Each recipients will get about $25 worth of the cryptocurrency.

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