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line-dump-051818.jpg Pump-and-dump is the fraudulent way of artificially inflating the price of cryptocurrency through different ways including shilling and selling the cryptocurrency when the price hits a high.

infosys-blockchain-051818.jpg Indian IT giant Infosys has partnered with seven Indian banks for a blockchain-based trade finance network. Infosys Finacle, part of EdgeVerve Systems, a product unit of Infosys, announced the development of India Trade Connect or ITC in partnership with the banking consortium. ITC's goal is to digitize trade finance workflows within a distributed, trusted, and shared network.

cryptolexicon-ico-051718.jpg ICO is short for initial coin offering. This is a public offering of a cryptocurrency or token to early investors, who can buy them with leading cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. An ICO is similar to the initial public offering of stocks, the only difference being that it is unregulated.

supplybloc-pre-ico-051718.jpg SupplyBloc Technology has launched a pre-sale for the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for SUPX tokens to provide blockchain-based supply chain management solution for small to mid-sized businesses. The SUPX token will be an integral facilitator of transactions within the SupplyBloc platform.

kucoin-oystershelltoken2-051718.jpg KuCoin, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Thursday that it listed Oyster Shell, the new token of Oyster Protocol, a website monetization and distributed storage solution built on the IOTA Tangle and Ethereum blockchain. Oyster Protocol has two utility tokens - Oyster Pearl, or PRL, and Oyster Shell.

deloitte-blockchain-051718.jpg Major organizations see a "compelling business case" for the use of blockchain, according to a new Deloitte LLP survey. It shows that many of these corporations are moving forward with the technology and may take some major steps over the next year.

bitboost2-051718.jpg Swiss firm BitBoost is set to launch a blockchain-based decentralized global marketplace in June. This will be built using Ethereum's smart contracts to enable buyers and sellers to connect directly. "We believe in free trade, and the BitBoost marketplace entirely removes several common barriers and intermediaries in online commerce. Anyone can sign up for an account.

mining-bitcoin2-051718.jpg The crypto frenzy that has taken the world by storm is costing the power resources dearly. The Bitcoin network is consuming around 2.55 gigawatts of energy annually, which is 0.5 per cent of the world's total electricity consumption, a study has found. Interestingly, that's nearly enough to meet the demand for power of a country - Ireland. In the future, the Bitcoin network could be using almost

cambridge-blockchain-051718.jpg Cambridge Blockchain, Inc, an enterprise data management and digital Identity Startup, said it raised $7 million in Series A equity financing, led by HCM Capital, the venture arm of Foxconn Technology Group, the manufacturer of Apple's iPhone. In the investment round, HCM was joined by venture capital firms Partech Ventures and Digital Currency Group.

blockchain-crypto-051618.jpg The heads of two US regulatory agencies have said their agencies had "open-door policies" for those trying to launch token sales. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) enforcement director James McDonald and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Enforcement Division Cyber Unit chief Robert Cohen made remarks during a panel discussion at CoinDesk's blockchain conference 'Consensus 2018'

stable-coin2-051618.jpg Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose values are pegged to some asset such as a US dollar or gold. Price stability and decentralized nature are the two main features of stablecoins.

icon-line-blockchain-051618.jpg ICON, a project aiming to build a decentralized network for independent blockchains, announced a massive partnership with Japan's LINE Corp. for blockchain development. The South Korean startup ICON and the social platform LINE PLUS launched a joint venture called Unchain to develop various decentralized applications or DApp services and to build synergies to expand the blockchain ecosystem.

htc-051618.jpg Taiwanese company HTC plans to make a new blockchain-powered Android phone, named Exodus. The phone, which might be the world's second blockchain-powered smartphone, will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies, reports said. It will have a universal wallet, secure hardware, and decentralised apps.

maximalist2-051518.jpg A Bitcoin maximalist is someone who does not attach much value to altcoins. They believe Bitcoin is the original and only cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrencies are fake. They refuse to accept that there can be cryptocurrencies that are better than Bitcoin, especially in terms of cost and speed.

clovyr-startup-051518.jpg JPMorgan Chase's two former blockchain employees have joined hands to launch a new blockchain start-up called Clovyr. Amber Baldet, the former head of J.P. Morgan's blockchain arm, teamed with Patrick Mylund Nielsen, former lead developer of Quorum, a JPMorgan Chase-built blockchain for business, for the new initiative. Mylund Nielsen will serve as the concern's chief technologist.

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