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Joe-Perry-071316.jpg Joe Perry has revealed that he is nearing completion on his new solo release. The Aerosmith guitar legend spoke with musiciansear.com about the new release and says he's inching towards the finish line on the new release. "I just need to polish it up a bit more," said Perry. "I'm looking to release some of it in the new year."

bruce-springsteen-070916.jpg Bruce Springsteen has shared a list of his top five favorite songs from throughout his career. He stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new biography Born To Run and was seemingly put on the spot with the question. "That's a tough one." He continued: "I got to put 'Born to Run' up there. I guess for me, 'The Rising' is a big song."

david-bowie-060816.jpg David Bowie was urinated on by a baby during the filming of Labyrinth, according to NME. The baby who peed on the iconic rock star was one of Bowie's co-stars, Toby Froud, who played Toby, "The babe with the power," in the 1986 film. "The first thing that Toby did when he met David Bowie, in the first shot, was pee all over him," Brian Froud said.

eaglesBestofmyLove-081016.jpg Don Henley speculates that an Eagles reunion could actually happen. He said that the surviving members of the band could reunite in tribute for the late Glenn Frey, tells the Montreal Gazette, "At some point in the future, we might work our way around to that . . . but the only way I would consider any kind of reunion, I think, would be with Glenn's son, Deacon.

Fleetwood-061016.jpg Stevie Nicks will perform on the October 3 episode on Ellen. The performance and date are both tentative as they have yet to be officially announced. According to the listings, Bon Jovi is set to perform (and join host Ellen DeGeneres for an interview) on the October 5 episode.

kansas-062316.jpg Kansas drummer Phil Ehart says that Kansas fans will love their new album The Prelude Implicit, their first studio album in 16 years. "I really feel that the Kansas fan is going to love this record. But beyond that, I hope we acquire a lot of new fans with it," he tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "But I just want people to see the depth of this album . . ."

david-bowie-060816.jpg David Bowie's previously unreleased album The Gouster will be released as part of the new compilation box Who Can I Be Now? (1974-76). The Gouster eventually became Bowie's 1975 album Young Americans. "Gouster was a word unfamiliar to me, but David knew it as a type of dress code worn by African-American teens in the '60's, in Chicago."

bruce-springsteen-070916.jpg Bruce Springsteen has made it known that he is not a fan of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Springsteen said that "the republic under siege by a moron" when referring to Trump, telling Rolling Stone that "the whole thing is tragic. Without overstating it, it's a tragedy for our democracy. . . . The ideas he's moving to the mainstream are all very dangerous."

bonjovi-062816.jpg A new deluxe edition of Bon Jovi's latest album, This House Is Not For Sale, is set to be released at the retail giant, Target. The album will include three previously unreleased tracks. The deluxe Target version of the record will include the songs, "Touch of Grey," "I Will Drive You Home" and "Goodnight New York." The previous release consisted of 12 songs.

beatles69-063016.jpg A custom made suit that belonged to John Lennon is set to hit the auction block alongside a number of other Beatles items. A tweed grey and black two-piece suit made by the band's tailor Douglas Millings will be auctioned off by Boston-based RR Auction in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The interior breast pocket of the suit jacket contains a white D.A. Millings & Sons tag.

alicecooper-061316.jpg Alice Cooper remembers Ramones manager Danny Fields in a new teaser video for the upcoming new documentary Danny Says. In addition to managing the Ramones, Fields also managed Iggy and the Stooges. "Danny was in the middle of all of it, almost orchestrating," Cooper said. "Those are the guys that are always in the wings . . ."

allmanbros-072516.jpg Gregg Allman has revealed that he recently battled pneumonia. The illness forced him to cancel a handful of tour dates in early August. "That was a drag," he told Denver alt-weekly Westword. "I was almost to the end of a tour. I had two more to go, and damn, it just set in. I had to postpone two of the gigs, but we'll go back and make them up, for sure."

Motleycrue-072816.jpg Former Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx discussed details about his new band's debut album. Sixx has been touring around with his band Sixx: A.M. and they are about to release their first studio record, Prayers For The Blessed. The debut album will feature 11 tracks. "Sixx says that "Prayers for the Blessed was partly inspired by Sixx: A.M.'s live performance."

beatles69-063016.jpg Paul McCartney has opened up about the Beatles business practices and says he's proud of the fact that they had anti-segregation policies worked into their contracts. The policy was put in place in 1964 after the band discovered that a Florida venue planned to separate the audience by racial lines.

EltonJohn-061616.jpg Elton John says that he might retire from recording new music because, as he says, people have enough of his music already. "I love playing," he said during a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain. "My records don't sell anymore because people have enough Elton John records in their collection. I love making them, but it's someone else's turn now."

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