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Gregg-Allman-110510.jpg Gregg Allman says that for the Allman Brothers Band's final shows at NYC's Beacon Theater, the group will not have any guests joining them. Speaking with Relix, Allman said the decision was unanimous. "We held a meeting yesterday and we decided that there's only six gigs left, and we're going to play them ourselves. There will be no one sitting in."

BillyJoel-10032009.jpg Billy Joel says that he has been working on a series of instrumental pieces over the past ten years. Speaking with The New Yorker, Billy calls the series "The Scrimshaw Pieces," noting that they tell the story of Long Island, albeit a story without words. "Some could be songs. Some could be ideas for a soundtrack or something. Some are more like hymns," he began.

kiss-110209.jpg KISS guitarist Paul Stanley says that, despite changes to the band's lineup, their trademark characters will stay the same. Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience, Stanley says previous experiments have not fared well. "I think where we went astray is when we first replaced Peter [Criss] and we decided we needed a new character."

AliceCoopers.jpg Alice Cooper is featured in the music video for "Savages," the title track and lead single from the latest album from Theory of a Deadman. "I flew out to where he lives. He's got a studio at his house, he has a radio show there, and it was really straightforward," said TOD fronter Tyler Connolly of working with Coop.

U2-100209.jpg U2 singer Bono has finally opened up on the reason for his habit of constantly wearing sunglasses. Speaking with the BBC, Bono said that he's battling light sensitivity caused by glaucoma. "This is a good place to explain to people that I've had glaucoma for the last 20 years. I have good treatments and I am going to be fine . . ."

FleetwoodMac-070111.jpg Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsay Buckingham says that he and Christine McVie worked closely together on songs for the new album. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Linds talked about the process behind their upcoming effort. "Christine and I were able to concentrate on each other. We were exploring some new turf. That became enlightening to me."

Aerosmith-01192010.jpg Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer says he's back to "150%" following the cancellation of a summer concert and a subsequent heart surgery. "I kept getting this burning sensation in my chest, and that's what I thought it was," he said of his condition. "My [general practitioner] said to me, 'Just to make sure and rule out that it's anything cardiac related . . ."

NeilYoung-102609.jpg Neil Young has officially unveiled his long-awaited Pono Music System at the 14th annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. Pono combines a $400 triangle-based standalone music player with an online music store. The Pono player comes with 64 GB of storage, plus room for another 64 GB via a microSD card, a 2.5-inch touchscreen, and two external speaker jacks.

police-022814.jpg Sting gave a voicemail message recording to an audience member during his recent Tonight Show appearance. Sting was appearing as a guest on Jimmy Fallon's late night show when he sang several falsetto scats of classic telephone ringtones, including "Xylophone" and "Marimba."

Ozzy3.jpg Ozzy Osbourne will hold the first Ozzfiesta at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico from May 27-31. The fest will include a headline set from Oz, as well as sets from Black Label Society and Zakk Wylde. According to a presser, the "all inclusive" event will feature much more than music. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 17 at

paulmccartney-04261.jpg A long lost Wings television commercial for their album Venus and Mars has surfaced in time for the album's reissue. The commercial, shot by Saturday Night and Sunday Morning director Karel Reisz, featured the band engaged in a game of pool. Paul McCartney dances around the pool table before the band's track "Listen to What the Man Says" kicks in.

David-Bowie.jpg The list of Black Friday Record Store Day exclusive releases is beginning to roll out as special collectible vinyl offerings from David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani have been announced. Bowie is releasing Legacy's Black Friday flagship title, an exclusive 10-inch single that features his new compilation's previously unreleased track "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)."

image8.jpg Bob Dylan has released the previously unheard cut "Dress It Up, Better Have It All" in anticipation of his forthcoming six-disc box set Basement Tapes Complete. The cut is streaming freely at Legacy Recordings' official Soundcloud page. "Dress It Up, Better Have It All" was recorded in the late 1960s and thought to be lost.

Aerosmith-01192010.jpg In an interview with, Joe Perry talked about his second wife, Billie Paulette Montgomery, who he was married to for 30 years. "I feel bad for guys that have reached a certain amount of fame and fortune, whether they're sports guys or actors or anything like that, and they're looking for the right woman and there's always gotta be that thing in the back of your mind . . ."

RollingStones-110409.jpg The Rolling Stones' sax player Bobby Keys won't be able to back the band on their upcoming Australia and New Zealand dates, because he's "a bit under the weather," according to the Stones' website. Keys is "under doctor's orders to take it a bit easy for the next month and hopes to see everyone soon."