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TomPetty-112409.jpg Tom Petty has reportedly slammed the Catholic Church and the nation's one percent in a pair of songs featured on his forthcoming release, Hypnotic Eye. The classic rocker has made it a point to stay away from controversial topics in the past, but has now decided to bring up a few he feels strongly about in his songs.

bandBonJovi-101609.jpg Jon Bon Jovi has vowed to keep the Buffalo Bills in Western New York instead of moving the team to Toronto, Ontario in Canada, if his group of investors ends up purchasing the team. For the past couple years it has been rumored that the Bills might be traveling over the border, especially since each year they have played one regular-season game there.

kiss-110209.jpg KISS has announced a new premiere date for their new AMC reality show, 4th And Loud. It was previously reported that the show was to debut on August 5, but now it is set to be shown on August 12. The reality show will primarily feature KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. It will mostly chronicle their year with the arena football team, L.A. Kiss.

Rodstewart-100209.jpg Rod Stewart has considered moving back to his home country of England after living in the U.S. for the last 40 years. "This place is still in my heart," he said in the U.K. tabloid the Mirror. "We are planning hopefully on moving back in about 18 months so my kids can grow up here. It's not definite. But this is where me and Penny, this is where we come from."

JimiHendrix-100609.jpg Studio recordings that Jimi Hendrix made between 1965 and 1967 during his stint with the R&B group Curtis Knight and the Squires are finally set to see the light of day. The masters include a live performance recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey in December 1965, as well as Curtis Knight and the Squires' recordings with Hendrix in 1967.

slash-112309.jpg Slash is rumored to guest star in Anastasia, a proposed sequel to AMC's hit drama Breaking Bad, but he has no intention of confirming the rumor. The question came after a man named Lawrence Shepherd started a Kickstarter campaign to fund "Anastasia," which picks up were "Breaking Bad" leaves off, and stars Val Kilmer.

image2-111110.jpg Eric Clapton says he still plans on retiring from the road, although he doesn't intend to quit making music. His upcoming tribute record - The Breeze, An Appreciation of JJ Cale - is due July 29, but he tells Rolling Stone he's had trouble lately writing new music: "I'm just lazy," he began.

paulmccartney-04261.jpg Paul McCartney is slated to perform an intimate benefit show for fans in San Antonio, Texas. The gig goes down at the 1,750 seat Tobin Center for the Performing Arts on October 1, and serves as a fundraiser for the new venue. "Our board was very supportive of getting the biggest rock star in the world," said a Tobin Center rep, speaking to San Antonio radio station KSAT.

Johnnycash-052912.jpg An upcoming tribute to Johnny Cash's Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian, features a host of top names including Emmylou Harris and Kris Kristofferson. The LP, originally released by Cash 50 years ago, features songs memorializing the maltreatment of the American Indian throughout the nation's history.

Ozzy3.jpg Black Sabbath and ELO are featured on an album playlist created by the Birmingham tourist board in celebration of the diverse acts to hail from the area. The 21 track list was culled from suggestions made via Twitter and then curated by a panel of local musicians. "The wait is over," wrote Visit Birmingham.

Chris-Debbie-Clem-052011.jpg Blondie's Clem Burke has announced that he believes that Blondie's latest tour may be their last tour. The 58-year-old drummer explained that, while they will continue to tour this summer and enjoy touring together, there have been hints from Debbie Harry that this may be her last tour. He told "The Province" that, by the end of the summer, "we will have toured Europe."

Gregg-Allman-110510.jpg The Allman Brothers Band have announced further details surrounding release of their classic live performances at NYC's Fillmore East in 1971. The set, titled The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings, is due July 29, and features six CDs of material.

Aerosmith-01192010.jpg Johnny Depp surprised Aerosmith fans by joining the band on stage during a concert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA on Wednesday, July 16. Depp joined the band on guitar for their final song of the night "Train Kept a Rollin." Aerosmith are currently on their Let Rock Rule tour featuring support from Slash.

TomPetty-112409.jpg Tom Petty has unveiled an online radio featuring five songs from his upcoming album Hypnotic Eye. Petty announced the news via Facebook along with some instructions: "First, turn the radio on using the button on the right. To scan through the tunes, turning the knob on the left of the radio. Enjoy!"

paulmccartney-04261.jpg Paul McCartney has released five solo and Wings albums - Band on the Run, McCartney, McCartney II, RAM and Wings Over America - as apps for the iPad available at the Apple store. The apps include the original albums, along with special features like remastered audio tracks, interviews, photos, artwork and rehearsal footage.