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bobdylan-061316.jpg Bob Dylan paid tribute to the late Tom Petty during his show in Bloomfield, Colorado earlier this week. Dylan became close with Petty during their time together in the Traveling Wilburys and he took on a cover of Petty's classic "Learning to Fly."

The-Cars-Elliot-12716.jpg The Cars rocker Rick Ocasek has opened up about the band's recent nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It marks the band's third time in the nominating process and he says the novelty has definitely worn off a bit.

tom-petty-070916.jpg Tom Petty was planning a tour in support of his Wildflowers album just prior to his death. "He asked me to call some people and see if they would come on the road and perform it with him," Tony Dimitriades, Petty's longtime manager, told Rolling Stone. "One - and she said yes immediately - was Norah Jones."

rush-031110.jpg Rush have announced a new 40th anniversary edition of their 1977 album A Farewell to Kings that includes a bunch of extras, including live tracks and videos.

ramonesdump-100616.jpg Rhino Records have announced plans to reissue the Ramones Rocket To Russia record next month. The album, the band's third, was the last to be released with the band's original lineup.

billy-joel-070616.jpg On the heels of his 91st performance at his Madison Square Garden residency, Billy Joel announced that he is extending his monthly run at the historic venue. He made the announcement earlier this week, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I don't think Patrick Ewing played 91 times at Madison Square Garden," Jimmy Kimmel joked. "It's an unbelievable record."

eaglesBestofmyLove-081016.jpg The Eagles have unveiled a previously unreleased live rendition of their signature hit "Hotel California." The new version is set for release as part of the band's 40th anniversary re-release of the album of the same name, which is due out November 24.

clapton-070916.jpg Eric Clapton's 'Heir To Blackie' guitar, a black and white Stratocaster that was created to emulate his most famous guitar, is set to hit the auction block. The auction is being handled by San Francisco Art Exchange. "It was created in Blackie's image, ultimately with the famed black and white two-tone colors . . ."

nielyoung-061616.jpg Neil Young has revealed plans for a vinyl release of his classic 1992 album Harvest Moon. The double album release will celebrate both the 25th anniversary of the album as well as Record Store Day's Black Friday Celebration.

donald-fagen-081712.jpg Donald Fagen paid tribute to his late Steely Dan partner Walter Becker during a show in Buffalo, New York earlier this week. The show came as part of Steely Dan's first tour since Becker's passing and Fagen dusted off the track "Book of Liars" for the first time in 22 year to honor his old friend. "[The last] few nights, I've been doing that," Fagen said of the track.

alicecooper-061316.jpg Alice Cooper was joined by Bob Geldof during his recent concert at Perth Arena in Perth, Australia for an encore performance of Alice's 1972 hit "School's Out." Geldof was reportedly in town to speak at a Telethon fundraising lunch. "Surprise! Sir Bob Geldoff joined Alice Cooper on stage @pertharena tonight to sing School's Out . . ."

billy-joel-070616.jpg Billy Joel is expecting his second child with wife Alexis and his third total, he confirmed to the Belfast Telegraph. "We are due next month," he said, adding that the couple's 2-year-old daughter Della Rose has a "pretty good" snooze schedule at the moment. "She sleeps through the night," he adds of Della. "I hope the next one will."

JeffLyne-101717.jpg Jeff Lynne's ELO has released a new live video for "Turn To Stone," which was filmed at Wembley Stadium in London. The new clip is taken off of Wembley Or Bust, a live CD/DVD set that will be released later this year.

ZZ-Top-062016.jpg ZZ Top has shelved all currently booked tour dates due to bassist Dusty Hill's stomach illness. The band broke the news in an official statement and though they didn't specify the nature of his illness, they said his doctors recommended he "lay low for a while."

LedZeppelin1973-062216.jpg Rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion show can be put to rest. The group's former frontman Robert Plant says a reunion concert is "unlikely to occur again." In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Plant explained that he prefers to move forward, rather than rehash the past. The singer elaborated stating, "You can't ever really go back."

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