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British Columbia-based Cryptobloc Technologies Corp. announced the successful completion of a Letter of Intent to acquire a minimum of 5000 Cryptomining machines from Hong Kong based, Milson Investment Holdings Ltd. The company said the large majority of the 5000 machines will be state-of-the-art...

blossomfinance-042518.jpg Jakarta-based Blossom Finance has launched a crypto, Islamic microfinance fund that will be invested in micro-businesses, especially traditional market sellers, to meet the demand during the upcoming Ramadan holiday. Global investors have the option to invest in the fund using a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether as well as the US Dollar.

cryptocurrency-dailyroundup-042518.jpg Cryptocurrencies gave up their upward trend, witnessed over the past few days, early Wednesday, led by the double-digit decline in altcoins. In other news, Hong Kong and Singapore have emerged as the new initial coin offering hotspots. Meanwhile, a Japanese power utilities major entered a partnership with a blockchain-based energy trading platform to test peer-to-peer trading in renewable energy.

singapore-hongkong-ico-042518.jpg Token sales ban in China and South Korea is perhaps turning into a blessing in disguise for Singapore and Hong Kong, where the number of initial coin offerings has skyrocketed in recent months. The phenomenal increase in the number of companies launching ICOs in the Chinese self-administered territory and Singapore is attributed to a favorable environment they provide to companies that seek to ra

rekt-cryptocurrency2-042518.jpg Borrowed from online gaming slang, REKT means wrecked or ruined, usually in reference to a big loss suffered in a cryptocurrency trade. An example from a reddit post: "I saw a 12 Million Dollar position get liquidated last night, some people got completely rekt."

mobilecoin-binance-042518.jpg MobileCoin, a new cryptocurrency project, announced a fundraising round led by blockchain technology incubator Binance Labs for $30 million denominated in Ethereum and Bitcoin. The capital will be used to build out its team and processes to deliver the coin. In a blog post, MobileCoin Technologist Joshua Goldbard said the new cryptocurrency is designed to be used by everyone.

virtualcrypto-042418.jpg Israeli start-up Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. has launched a tablet device called "NetoBit Cash" that allows the purchase, sale, and conversions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in retail points of sale, e-commerce websites and online shops. Virtual Crypto is developer of software and hardware for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies through ATMs, tablets, PCs and or mobile devices.

cryptocurrency-dailyroundup-042418.jpg Bitcoin continued it rally Tuesday to hit a 44-day high and altcoins also sustained their upward trend. Bullish remarks from a prominent Bitcoin investor boosted sentiment and an big investment bank has hired a crypto specialist. In Japan, cryptocurrency exchanges established their self-regulatory body.

airdrop3-cryptocurrency-042418.jpg A common word in the crypto sphere these days, AIRDROP is a way to distribute a new coin or token. In an AIRDROP, coins or tokens are distributed to the community for free or as a reward for participation in the project. Most of the times, the only requirement for receiving coins or tokens in an AIRDROP is to have a relevant blockchain wallet.

jcea-cryptocurrency-042418.jpg Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have formed a self-regulatory organization (SRO) to regulate the virtual currency market in order to regain public trust by providing improved safeguards for investors and traders. Sixteen licensed cryptocurrency exchanges have signed a formal agreement to form an SRO called Nihon Kasotsuka Kokangyo Kyokai or Japan cryptocurrency exchange association (JCEA).

bitcoin-rise-042418.jpg Bitcoin, which has been steadily recovering for the past few weeks, crossed the $9,000 mark on Tuesday to hit a 44-day high of $9337. After hitting $9532 on March 11, the most popular cryptocurrency has been showing a downward trend until falling down to 6620 on April 6. Since then, the Bitcoin market was going through a mid-term recovery, and rose by more than a third in value over the last two

timdraper-bitcoins-042418.jpg Venture capitalist Tim Draper predicted that Bitcoin could be bigger than the internet. Draper also said that the top cryptocurrency would be bigger than his early investments in Tesla, Hotmail and Skype, combined, CNBC reported citing comments the investor made during a debate.

goldmansachs-042418.jpg Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has made its first crypto-specific appointment with Justin Schmidt, a former cryptocurrency trader, as the financial services giant aims to explore creating a bitcoin trading desk, reports said. The bank spokeswoman Tiffany Galvin-Cohen was quoted as saying Schmidt joined the bank as a vice president and head of digital asset markets in the firm's securities division.

stefansson-iceland-042318.jpg The suspected mastermind behind the theft of $2 million worth of bitcoin mining equipment who escaped an Icelandic prison last week has been arrested. Sindri Thor Stefansson was arrested from the Netherlands capital Amsterdam Sunday night, reports said quoting police. Stefansson will be taken to the District Prosecutor's Office in the city. It is not known when he will be flown to Iceland. An i

irancentralbank-042318.jpg The Central Bank of Iran has banned banks under its purview from transacting in bitcoin and other virtual currencies in the Islamic Republic. "The use of Bit Coin and other virtual currencies is prohibited in all monetary and financial centers of the country," the apex bank said in a statement.

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