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PearlJam.jpg Pearl Jam have been named as one of the headliners for the 13th annual Austin City Limits Festival. The fest goes down over eight stages at Zilker Park in Austin from October 3 to 5 and October 10 to 12. The other five headliners are Eminem, Outkast, Beck, Skrillex and Calvin Harris.

Chris-Brown-091712.jpg Christopher Hollosy, the bodyguard of Chris Brown, has been found guilty of misdemeanor assault. Hollosy told police he punched a fan of Breezy who tried to get on the singer's bus last year in Washington, D.C., although the victim denies that he did so. Following Hollosy's conviction, Brown's trial was pushed back, while prosecutors consider whether to grant immunity to Hollosy

Kelis-091511.jpg Kelis appeared on the stage of Late Night with David Letterman to perform "Jerk Ribs," the lead single from her latest album, Food. Kel sported a big hair-doo, white blouse and funky silver pants for the performance, which came on Tuesday, the same day of Food's release.

eminem-100609.jpg Eminem has been named as one of the headliners for the 13th annual Austin City Limits Festival. The fest goes down over eight stages at Zilker Park in Austin from October 3 to 5 and October 10 to 12. The other five headliners are Pearl Jam, Outkast, Beck, Skrillex and Calvin Harris.

Kacey-Musgraves-012714.jpg Kacey Musgraves took the stage in Los Angeles on April 18 to film her CMT Crossroads special alongside pop star Katy Perry. Theirs will serve as the 50th edition of the series in which country artists are paired with artists from different genres.

erichill-042414.jpg Eric Hill, a contestant on the upcoming season of "The Bachelorette," died after suffering severe injuries in a paragliding accident on Sunday. Hill passed three days after the mishap on Wednesday, April 23. "Eric shared his final journey with us this morning as all his immediate family were able to be at his side when he passed away," his sister Karen Tracy wrote on Facebook.

Gregg-Allman-110510.jpg Gregg Allman has been forced to cancel a string of tour dates after breaking his wrist. Allman broke his wrist before beginning the tour and attempted to perform with the injury, managing to play at several of his concert shows. However, he pulled out after the condition deteriorated and has returned to the U.S. for treatment.

peter-042710.jpg Peter Frampton has announced the impending release of his 15th studio album, Hummingbird in a Box, due June 24. According to Frampton, the inspiration for the seven song album came during his collab with the Cincinnati Ballet earlier this month: "Writing for dance was a wonderfully freeing experience," Frampton said in a press release. "There were no boundaries."

lakebell-042414.jpg Lake Bell has announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Scott Campbell. Bell showed off her baby bump during NYC's Tribeca Film Festival, and her rep later confirmed the news to People magazine. The pair met on the set of "How to Make It in America," on which he had a cameo in 2011.

matthewbomer-042414.jpg Matt Bomer ("White Collar") has revealed that he and partner Simon Halls have been married since 2011. The news, which came during an interview with Details magazine, was surprising to some as Bomer hadn't revealed his sexual orientation until 2012. In addition to being married, Bomer and Halls have three sons together: an 8-year-old and a pair of 6-year-old twins.

Jewel-071211.jpg Jewel has revealed that she and her husband, rodeo star Ty Murray, will probably not have another child. The hit maker and mother of three-year-old Kase recently opened up about motherhood with ABC, saying that one child is enough.

ScarlettJohansson-030212.jpg Lupita Nyong'o ("12 Years a Slave") and Scarlett Johansson ("The Avengers") are both in talks to land voice work on Disney's upcoming live-action/CG adaptation of "The Jungle Book." Nyong'o would play Rakcha, a mother wolf who adopts Mowgli, the story's central character, while Johansson would play Kaa, the python who eats other animals by hypnotizing them.

CourtneyLove-090911.jpg Courtney Love has announced the impending release of "You Know My Name," to come as a double A side along with "Wedding Day" on May 4. "You Know My Name" has already debuted on the BBC and is available at YouTube. "All this world is burning up / It's time that you retired / You're ready for your last huzzah / And all of you are fired," Love sings on the chorus.

CraigMorgan-032511.jpg Craig Morgan has announced that his eighth annual Charity Event will be held on Sunday, July 20. The event, which benefits the Dickson County Craig Morgan Foundation, will include a celebrity off-road trail ride and evening concert. Proceeds from the event help foster children in Dickson county and throughout middle Tennessee.

img1-031114.jpg Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have announced the birth of their baby boy, Otis Alexander Sudeikis. Wilde gave birth to Otis on Sunday, April 20, announcing the news via Twitter: "Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander Sudeikis has LEFT the building! (I'm the building)," she said, adding a selfie of her and the newborn. Wilde, 30, was engaged to Sudeikis, 38, in January 2013.