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ElvisPresley-101909.jpg The memoir of Elvis Presley's fiancée Ginger Alden will be released on September 2. Alden, who has written the memoir "The King and I," was twenty years younger than Presley when they became involved romantically after her sister (who was a reigning Miss Tennessee at the time) introduced them in 1976.

Nickleback-100209.jpg Nickelback has announced plans to release a new studio album later this fall, their first release since signed with Republic Records. "Edge of a Revolution" serves as the first single off of the album, Nickelback's eighth studio album to date. "I've been a fan of the band since their inception," Republic Records co-founder and CEO Monte Lipman said of the choice to sign them.

justintimberlake-101909.jpg Justin Timberlake sent Madonna a birthday tweet that has some fans up in arms. "A happiest of b-days to my mother chucking ninja @Madonna! Hope you have a great one, M!" he wrote. Several have questioned Justin's use of the word "ninja," which some say is a euphemism for "n****r," letting him know that the usage is not appreciated.

MychemicalRomance-032311.jpg Former My Chemical Romance fronter Gerard Way has released the music video for "No Shows," a cut from his upcoming solo debut, Hesitant Alien. The vid, shot with a throwback 1980s vibe, features Way and his band performing on a brightly lit stage. "My intention was to make 100 percent uncompromised art, using the currently least radio-friendly instrument, the guitar."

BradPaisley-050611.jpg Brad Paisley says he mixed a new song, "Me and Jesus," while returning from an Afghanistan visit on Memorial Day. Speaking with Billboard, the country crooner says that he believes he's the only person to accomplish the feat: "Unless George W. was cutting music on there that I'm not aware of," he began. "I cut the track the day before we left. [The flight] was 13 hours."

rapperT-I.jpg T.I. will be featured in the upcoming Ant-Man movie from Marvel Comics. The film, directed by Peyton Reed (Bring It On), is due in theaters on July 17, 2015. There's no word on Tip's role, but, according to Black Film, the production is shooting in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. The all star cast also includes Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

bandBonJovi-101609.jpg Jon Bon Jovi recently took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, posting video of the chilling experience to YouTube. In line with IBC guidelines, Jovi nominated his three bandmates - Tico Torres, David Bryan and Richie Sambora - to participate. "On behalf of myself and my friends back here, I want you to know I wanted to be the first to rise to the occasion."

willienelson-121211.jpg Willie Nelson has revealed that he hasn't had to purchase marijuana in years thanks to his loyal fan base. The legendary country star opened up about his never ending supply during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. "Oh yeah, I've run out," Willie said in the interview. "But usually somebody will bring us some weed."

Jacksonbrowne-040514.jpg Jackson Browne has released "The Birds of St. Marks," a cut from his upcoming album, Standing in the Breach. The cut, originally demoed in 1970, is said to have been inspired by Browne's relationship to Nico, who had previously recorded Browne's song "These Days" with the Velvet Underground.

Eltonjohn-071511.jpg Elton John says that he does not support the U.K. Independence Party [UKIP], the country's right wing, populist party. Its leader, Nigel Farage says that he spent time with Elton and his partner David Furnish, who teased that the pair might support UKIP. "Elton will not be favoring any party," a rep for Elton told the Guardian.

Ladygaga2-060111.jpg Lady Gaga has revealed the cover art to her upcoming Tony Bennett collab Cheek to Cheek. The image features a brunette Mother Monster nuzzling up to the legendary singer. "Artwork For #CheekToCheek by the incredible Steven Klein @SKstudly I love this photograph, and very honored to be in it with my Tony," wrote Gaga on Twitter.

BobSeger-032811.jpg Bob Seger has confirmed that his new album Ride Out is set for release on October 14. It will be Seger's first new collection of songs since 2006's Face The Promise and will feature tracks including "Detroit Made" and "All of the Roads."

Johnnymarr-072114.jpg Johnny Marr has opened up about the inspiration and the themes behind his second solo studio release Playland. The album is due on October 7, and the rocker sat down with Rolling Stone to explain why it may be his most authentic release to date.

NickiMinaj-081011.jpg Nicki Minaj gives Drake a lap dance in the video for "Anaconda," a cut from her upcoming LP, The Pink Print. Nik wears fishnet leggings, a pink bra and a black baseball cap as she dances for and on Drizzy in the vid. "I was probably thanking the higher ups for that very moment," tweeted Drake. "Def the best invite to a video shoot EVER. #ViewsFromMyChair"

kidrock-100109.jpg Kid Rock will be a granddad once his son, Bobby Ritchie Jr. and son's girlfriend, give birth to their child. Bobby's gf is currently four months along, reports Us Weekly. In 2000, Kid won a custody battle against his ex-girlfriend Kelley South for Bobby and has raised him alone from the age of seven.