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Justin-Moore-080116.jpg Justin Moore called out a rowdy fan at his recent Chicago, Illinois concert. Allegedly the male fan threw an object at a female fan. Moore having witnessed the alleged incident stopped singing to ratify the situation. Moore pointed to the accused wrong-doer and said, "Hey, hey, hey! Look at me!"

red-hot-chili-peppers-070916.jpg For the first time in five years the Red Hot Chili Peppers will tour the U.K. The tour will begin on December 5 in London and end on December 15 in Manchester. U.K. fans who purchase a ticket for one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers show will received a physical or digital copy of the album, Getaway.

kissband-061416.jpg KISS bassist and singer, Gene Simmons has sparked more ire with his comments on Prince's death. Simmons comments indicated that the performer chose to die. In May, shortly after Prince's death, Simmons had stated the singer died of a drug overdose. This had been prior to any formal statement being made about the cause of death.

miranda-061616.jpg Miranda Lambert will reportedly have a special meet and greet with a soldier who held a sign up at a recent show and brought her to tears. She made headlines when moved to tears during a recent show in Hartford, Connecticut and recently revealed that it was the sign that made her break down. Looking into the audience she saw the man holding a sign.

chrisbrown-062316.jpg Chris Brown has released a new video for his single "Grass Ain't Greener." The song is set to appear on Brown's upcoming album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. The video shows Brown and his crew out on the hunt for some female companionship. The gang is cruising in a Rolls Royce and they appear to be out in a rural area when suddenly they find the mecca.

iron-maiden-070619.jpg Iron Maiden peaked at number two on the Billboard's Hot Tour Chart. The group just completed their The Book of Souls world tour where they played 47 shows on six continents. Ticket sales for the Iron Maiden tour reached $54.6 million with $19.5 million coming from the final 13 shows. The largest show of the tour was at Ullevi Stadion in Gothenburg, Sweden.

jasonaldean-070916.jpg In an effort to boost album sales, Jason Alden has decided to keep his new album, They Don't Know, off of streaming for the first month of its release. If fans want to hear the new album upon its initial release, they will have to purchase a copy. Aldean explains, "A new album is just like anything else."

drake-070916.jpg Drake has finally given fans a release date for his much anticipated short film, Please Forgive Me. The film is set to debut on September 30. Please Forgive Me was directed by Drake and Anthony Mandler. The film will also feature a score by No '40' Shebib. Shebib and Drake have collaborated on a number of songs in the past.

courtney-love-063016.jpg Courtney Love has made the assertion that most grunge songs from the 1990s are in fact about her. Love justifies this by claiming to have dated most of the most popular grunge artists of the era. The singer explained how she used to date a movie star in the 1990s. Love said that we "were listening to KROQ. Of six songs in a row, five of them were about me."

eaglesBestofmyLove-081016.jpg Timothy B. Schmit recently spoke with Rolling Stone about his feelings towards his former bandmate's death. Schmit had joined the Eagles in 1977 after the "Hotel California" tour. It was here his bond with the late Glenn Frey began to solidify. Schmit told Rolling Stone, "Everybody is still processing it. But part of processing it is carrying on."

jim-peterik-082616.jpg "Eye of the Tiger" co-writer and founding Survivor member Jim Peterik has offered up his new career retrospective release. The collection is called, very simply, The Songs, but is far from a standard greatest hits collection.

FGL-062716.jpg Florida Georgia Line connected with Jimmy Fallon this week to play a round of "musical beers." In the comedic game the duo, host and other guests roam around a table filled with cups of beer until the music stops playing. Fallon was sadly the first one left without a beverage and after his loss he said, "I'm bummed out. This is gonna be a rough show tonight."

robin-thicke-082616.jpg "Blurred Lines" writers Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. are planning to appeal the ruling in the copyright case that awarded 50 percent of all song royalties to the estate of Marvin Gaye. The trio has filed a suit in the 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals. The lawsuit states: "What happened was a cascade of legal errors, warranting this court's reversal or new trial."

dolly-parton-070916.jpg Dolly Parton has offered up her new collaboration with Emmy Lou Harris and Linda Ronstadt titled "Waltz Across Texas Tonight." The track was released by the trio in 1994 and is included on a special deluxe edition release of their aptly titled album Trio. "You've been on a road that just don't seem to end / Where that broken old heart of yours won't ever mend . . ."

alicia-060816.jpg Alicia Keys has been announced as a headlining performer at the upcoming Apple Music Festival. The event is scheduled to take place between September 18 and 30 in London's Round House venue and will also feature a host of other top headliners. Keys also made recent headlines when she revealed that she has stopped wearing makeup on The Voice.

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