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catstevens-122013.jpg Cat Stevens has confirmed plans to release a new album next month. The new release, titled Tell 'Em I'm Gone, is due to hit on October 27 and will be released under his current stage name, Yusuf. The release was co-produced by Rick Rubin and Stevens says the new release shows off a musical side that has always been hidden just below the surface.

rihanna-021113.jpg Rihanna has fired criticism at CBS for pulling her song from "Thursday Night Football." Rihanna's hit song with Jay Z and Kanye West, "Run This Town," was supposed to be used in a pre-game opening segment. However, CBS pulled the song from the piece in light of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal based on Rihanna's past experience as the victim of domestic scandal.

tomhiddleston-020614.jpg Tom Hiddleston has reportedly signed on to appear in the forthcoming new King King movie "Skull Island." The project will mark the latest addition in the ever-growing canon of King Kong pictures. Thus far, there is no word on the nature of Hiddleston's role, but it will once again link him into Hollywood's sci-fi elite. He is best known for his role as Loki.

RollingStones-110409.jpg The Rolling Stones are set to release two complete concerts to DVD and Blu-ray later this year. The releases will come as part of Eagle Rock Entertainment's "From the Vault" series. The two releases, titled Hampton Coliseum — Live in 1981 and L.A. Forum — Live in 1975 will be out November 4 and 18, respectively. Both videos will boast fully restored visual content as well.

caradelevinge-091714.jpg Model Cara Delevinge has reportedly signed on to appear in the forthcoming adaptation of writer John Green's novel "Paper Towns." Word of her possible involvement in the project first broke earlier this week and both Green and director Jake Schreier say they're thrilled she's on board. "Cara Delevigne's audition blew everyone away (including me!) and she understands Margo profoundly."

SammyHagar-021010.jpg Sammy Hagar has revealed that he has canceled his birthday bash due to hurricane damage suffered at the venue site in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The annual event was scheduled to take place at Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina, but the Red Rocker says Hurricane Odile has left the area too far gone.

Whitney-021312.jpg Clive Davis stopped by the Today Show to announce that the CD/ DVD set Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances is scheduled for release on November 10. "Whitney never had a live album," he said. "I really want everyone to know exactly why during her time she was considered the greatest contemporary singer in the world."

joanrivers-032714.jpg Rumors are swirling that Joan Rivers' personal physician may have snapped a selfie in the exam room of the endoscopy clinic, in which she fell into cardiac arrest days before dying. Reports had previously surfaced that the same doctor was in fact not licensed to practice medicine in the facility at all.

kiss-110209.jpg Gene Simmons has weighed in on the controversy surrounding NFL star Ray Rice, who was suspended from the NFL after a video surfaced in which he is scene beating his girlfriend in an elevator. During a recent radio interview, Simmons says Rice should have to experience the same degree of pain he dished out. "We're all in the peanut gallery," said Simmons.

billmurrey-101612.jpg Bill Murray showed off his dancing skills when he crashed a birthday party in South Carolina over the weekend. The celebrated actor, who is known for his roles in films including "Caddyshack," the "Ghostbusters" series and "Lost in Translation," and who owns a home in the Charleston area, accepted his invitation to Charleston resident Larry Reynolds' birthday party.

carrieunderwood-051111.jpg Carrie Underwood went to college with current label mate Zach Swon of the Swon Brothers. Swon dished to Taste of Country on the pair's shared class at Northeastern State University: "The class was so small . . . It was a night class, and there was probably only eight people in it."

FrankOceans-082912.jpg Frank Ocean has hired new management, signing with Three Six Zero, according to Billboard. The management firm also manages Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and Kate Nash. "Frank is an incredibly intelligent and creatively brilliant individual," said Mark Gillespie, co-founder of Three Six Zero Group. "We're proud that he felt Three Six Zero was the right home."

stonetemplepilots-052413.jpg Former Stone Temple Pilots rocker Scott Weiland has opened up about his memories of the grunge rock scene in 1990s. During a recent interview with Audio Ink Radio, Weiland says that no movement in modern music has come close to the impact that grunge made in the 90s.

GarthBrooks1.jpg You can count Garth Brooks among the many fans of fellow country star Jason Aldean. Brooks admitted he was a fan of the hitmaker during a recent press conference. "Guys like Jason Aldean, who came out with what I call 'muscle country,' (the) poor guy came out and did it, and he was the only guy doing it — and then everybody jumped on it," Brooks said.

meredithvieira-091714.jpg Meredith Vieira has opened up about an abusive relationship in her past. Vieira said she was in her twenties when she was involved in an abusive relationship, explaining, "It started out with, we would have a fight and he'd just sort of grab my arm. You know, I didn't think a lot about it. And then it turned into pushing me against the wall, then it went beyond that . . ."