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taylor-swift-070916.jpg Taylor Swift wants to see Kanye West prosecuted for using her voice in his song, "Famous." The sound bite was taken from a Snapchat phone call between Swift and West. Swift claims she understood the call to be private. She did not know she was on speakerphone and was able to be overheard. The singer is accusing West of character assassination.

khalifa-033011.jpg Wiz Khalifa released his new track, "Wit The Kids" last Thursday. The song is themed around peace and love. It features audio clips of Ronald Reagan speeches in the beginning and throughout. The song was released the day after Wiz and Snoop Dogg kicked off their The High Road summer tour. "Wit The Kids" marks the fourth single Wiz has released since June. "More and More,

Katyperry-062316.jpg Katy Perry just released a 26 second video trailer for her new song "Rise." The song will be the official anthem used by NBC for their coverage of the upcoming Rio Olympics. The video starts with an overhead shot of Katy Perry on a rocky plain in a desert. Perry is seen dragging a parachute behind her. Suddenly the clip switches to a water scene.

rowland-061016.jpg In a recent interview with People, Kelly Rowland discussed fears she had raising her son in the United States. Rowland's son is 18 months old. She fears the environment in America is a dangerous place to raise African American children, particularly boys. Rowland discussed her pregnancy and said, "I remember being pregnant with Titan . . ."

Ariana-grande-070916.jpg According to a recent Wikileaks report, Ariana Grande was being considered to perform at the White House for the president. However, after TMZ posted a video of Grande licking a doughnut, she was "deemed unfit for the job." The pop singer was also caught, in the same video, saying that she hated America and Americans.

nielyoung-061616.jpg Neil Young is set to play two back-to-back shows in Telluride. The shows will mark the rock star's first-ever performance in the town. The two shows will take place September 30 and October 1 at the Telluride Town Park. Young's backing band will be the Promise of the Real, who is fronted by Lukas Nelson—son of country star Willie Nelson.

noelgallagher-061316.jpg Noel Gallagher is utilizing Instagram to discuss his thoughts on his former group, Oasis. Gallagher is also utilizing the social media network to poke jabs at his brother, Liam Gallagher. In regards to his band, he stated, "Even now this shit is out of the reach of 99.99% of rock n roll bands working today. Brings a tear to my eye ball [sic] as to how f*****g good we were."

christinamilian-072214.jpg Christina Milian and Victoria Justice were in attendance at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. Milian and Justice, taking on the iconic roles of Magenta and Janet Weiss in the upcoming Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, were accompanied by film co-stars Ryan McCartan and Reeve Carney. The group spoke to SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel on July 21.

kissband-061416.jpg KISS has always been vocal about their admiration for American military veterans. Their recent visit to Overland Park to pay respect to more than 50 Kansas City veterans reiterates their long-standing support. Co-lead vocalists, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are among five of the founding members of the Rock & Brews chain restaurant.

carrie-underwood-061016.jpg Carrie Underwood shared an adorable photo of her son Isaiah laughing and soaking in some sunshine on her Instagram page. The photo shows a smiling Isaiah sitting outside on the deck with his face pointed towards the sky. "He soaks in the sunshine…and I realize that he is mine… I don't deserve such sweetness! #blessed #momlife," she captioned the photo of Isaiah.

radiohead-album-061016.jpg Actor Ed Norton is giving fans a chance to go backstage at a Radiohead gig and meet the band in exchange for donating to charity. For the new opportunity, Norton has teamed up with Crowdrise to help raise funds for Conservation International and Kenya's Maasai Wilderness Conservations Trust. Fans who donate $10 will be entered into a competition for the prize of seeing Radiohead.

tom-morello-061016.jpg Prophets of Rage have released their first single as a band, aptly titled "Prophets of Rage." "Prophets of Rage" is a new spin on a Public Enemy song and includes some new music and a new verse sung by B-Real. The track can be heard on the group's official website.

dierksbentleyr-061316.jpg Dierks Bentley has scored his 14th number one hit with "Somewhere On a Beach," the debut single off of his latest recordBlack. "You want something that you always want to sing for the rest of your career," Bentley shares. "You never want to put something out there that I feel like I have to sing."

PaulMcCartney-070916.jpg Paul McCartney has been named the U.K.'s most successful albums act of all time. The former Beatle was awarded the Official Chart Record Breaker Award, which is presented to artists achieving the greatest sales feats, by the Official Charts Company. McCartney has scored 22 number one albums over the course of his career while selling over 700 million albums worldwide.

justin-timberlake-61016.jpg Justin Timberlake has opened up about the making of the film Trolls, fatherhood and his new music coming in the future. J-Tim not only lent his voice to the film, but was also enlisted as the music director for the film. "I kept bringing up 'Saturday Night Fever' with this movie," he says. "The filmmakers say they were inspired by the two sides of the '70s . . ."

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