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Gamestop-032717.jpg Sluggish sales of video games have forced GameStop to take a decision to close around 150 retail locations. Digital downloads and competition from rivals are said to be the reason for shut down. The company operates around 6600 stores worldwide and has not revealed the list of shops to be closed. According to reports GameStop is planning the closure of up to 3 percent of their shops.

HoopMap-032317.jpg Twin brothers, Donte and Dominic Morris, have created Hoop Maps, an app to help people find a pickup basketball game in any area. The Sacramento State graduates, who grew up playing pick-up basketball, invented the app after finding difficulty to find the game in their location.

Sony-PS3-Japan-031717.jpg Sony is discontinuing the production of the PlayStation 3 or PS3 in Japan after 10 years of launch, reports said, citing official Japanese PlayStation website. The Japanese site offers the Charcoal Black 500GB model of the gaming machine that was released on August 28, 2014. This is said to be the only remaining model of the PS3 still in production in Japan.

google-chrome0931517.jpg Google is ready to throttle background tabs in its Chrome 57 version to check battery life. Background tabs usually need more energy and consume up to a third of Chrome's power.

Nintendo-SwitchCartridges-030217.jpg While people may understandably be anxious to hold Nintendo's new gaming console Switch in their hands, Nintendo has ensured that people, especially kids, do not end up having the Switch cartridges in their mouth. The SD card-sized cartridges are found to have a foul taste to prevent them from being accidentally swallowed.

Xbox-Subscription-030117.jpg Microsoft Corp's Xbox division plans to launch a $9.99-per-month subscription service that will give unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 videogames. Xbox head Phil Spencer in a blog post stated that the service, Xbox Game Pass, would allow subscribers to download games directly to a console and play them online as well as offline.

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