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charlotte-night-skyline-072018.jpg Charlotte, North Carolina, has officially been chosen as the host of the 2020 Republican National Convention, the Republican National Committee announced on Friday. RNC committee members voted unanimously to select Charlotte as the 2020 host city after a panel recommended the city earlier this week. "I...

president-trump-072018.jpg A conversation between President Donald Trump and longtime lawyer Michael Cohen about payments to a former Playboy model claiming to have had an affair with the then-real estate tycoon was secretary recorded, according to a report from the New York Times.

trump-putin-072018.jpg President Donald Trump has described his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "great success" and despite widespread criticism appears ready for round two. Ground work for another summit between the two leaders in Washington later this year is underway, the White House said. The news...

trump-cpac-072018.jpg Previous presidents have largely refrained from commenting on the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, but President Donald Trump once again addressed the issue in posts on Twitter on Friday. Trump suggested the Fed's plan to gradually raise interest rates could hurt recent economic progress.

donald-trump2-071918.jpg Breaking with longstanding precedent, President Donald Trump offered criticism of the Federal Reserve's current policy of gradually raising interest rates in an interview with CNBC. Trump said in an excerpt of an interview with CNBC's Joe Kernen that aired Thursday that he is "not thrilled" with rate hikes by the Fed.

whitehouse-071918.jpg After previously creating confusion surrounding the issue, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has said President Donald Trump "disagrees" with a proposal from Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the interrogation of Americans with ties to financier Bill Browder.

election-commission-071918.jpg Following the recent indictment of twelve Russian intelligence officers for crimes intended to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, Democratic lawmakers have been looking to provide an increase in funding for election security. House Republicans on Thursday blocked the efforts to increase...

trump-putin-071918.jpg A majority of Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump's handling of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week, according to the results of a CBS News poll released on Thursday. Fifty-five percent of Americans said they disapprove of the way Trump handled the recent summit.

trump-eu-google-071918.jpg US President Donald Trump has condemned the European Union for imposing hefty fine on Google over violating anti-trust rules. "I told you so! The European Union just slapped a Five Billion Dollar fine on one of our great companies, Google," Trump said on Twitter Thursday, a day after the European Commission punished the internet giant with a fine of €4.34 billion ($5 billion) for illegally using

trump2-071918.jpg President Donald Trump continued his nearly constant attacks on the media in several posts on Twitter on Thursday, claiming so-called "fake news" is the "real enemy of the people." Trump has frequently described reports critical of him or his administration as "fake news."

wilbur-ross-071818.jpg In a potential precursor to imposing tariffs, the Commerce Department has launched an investigation into whether imports of uranium ore and products threaten to impair national security.

trump3-071818.jpg Once again putting himself at odds with members of his own intelligence agencies, President Donald Trump has claimed Russia is no longer targeting the U.S. and its election system. "No," Trump told reporters during a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday when asked if Russia is still "targeting" the U.S.

kavanaugh-family-071818.jpg Recent polls show an unsurprisingly significant partisan divide over President Donald Trump's nomination of federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

apricot-kernels-recall-071818.jpg U.K. watchdog recalled Bitter Apricot kernels that contained higher levels of cyanide. The latest recall by Food Standards Agency is from Health Leads U.K. The kernel naturally contains slight amounts of hydrocyanic acid, a type of cyanide. It is illegal in U.K. to sell Apricot kernel that have more than 20 mg per kilogram of hydrocyanic acid.

eu-google-071818.jpg The European Commission has punished Google with a fine of €4.34 billion ($5 billion) for "illegally" using Android mobile devices to strengthen its dominance among internet search engines. In a statement announcing the fine on Wednesday, the Commission said the search engine giant breached EU antitrust rules. "Since 2011, Google has imposed illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers and

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