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habitablityindx-081015.jpg Astronomers at the University of Washington's Virtual Planet Laboratory have determined a new way to judge and rank how suitable alien planets might be capable of supporting life. The ranking will help fellow astronomers to prioritize and point their yet-to-be launched powerful telescopes to those exoplanets - planets outside our solar system - that are most Earth-like.

Obama1-081015.jpg President Barack Obama spoke with the head of Doctors Without Borders on Wednesday to apologize for a U.S. military airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan, the White House said.

PlannedParenthood-100815.jpg In a largely party-line vote, the Republican-controlled House approved the creation of a special committee to investigate Planned Parenthood on Wednesday. The House voted 242 to 184 in favor of a resolution to create the panel.

Amazon-100815.jpg Aiming for customers that prefer goods made with a little love, Amazon has launched Handmade, an online market selling artisan goods from around the world.

SvetlanaAlexievich-NoblePrize-100815.jpg Belarusian author and investigative journalist Svetlana Alexievich has won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

MichaelHorn-USCongress-100815.jpg Michael Horn, president and chief executive officer of Volkswagen Group of America Inc. will voluntarily testify before the Congressional committee on Energy and Commerce and the subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation on Thursday.

Jet-100815.jpg In a surprise move, Jet.com Inc., which is being projected as the most promising challenge to Amazon.com Inc, abandoned its $50 annual membership fee. The discount-shopping site was launched three months back.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said that she is not in favor of the hotly contested Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade deal, thus distancing herself from the Obama administration that she once served. "Based on what I know so far, I can't support this agreement," Hillary said....

KevinMcCarthy-071015.jpg While reports suggest House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is close to securing the votes needed to become the next House Speaker, the results of a Public Policy Polling survey found that many voters do not have an opinion of the Congressman.

biden-carson-071015.jpg Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lead the races for their respective party's presidential nominations in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but the results of a Quinnipiac University poll show Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Ben Carson are the best general election candidates in the key swing states.

digital-information-100715.jpg European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has canceled the international agreement between European Union and United States to handover digital information, such as web search histories and social media updates. The ruling will be a blow to tech giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

NobelPrizeinChemistry-100715.jpg The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to a trio of scientists for their work using molecular level mapping to show how cells repair damaged DNA and to safeguard genetic information.

Volkswagen-100715.jpg Volkswagen Australia Wednesday confirmed that more than 91 thousand vehicles sold in Australia were fitted with emission cheating software. Volkswagen brand alone comes to 77,000 cars and 14,000 cars are Audis.

Large U.S. companies are holding trillions of dollars overseas in an effort to avoid U.S. taxes, with big-name firms like Apple (AAPL), Pfizer (PFE) and PepsiCo (PEP) named as notable examples. This is the claim made by a pair of non-profit groups, who released a study based on the firms' financial statements.

Explosion and attacks at different sites in Aden city in Yemen killed fifteen soldiers. The soldiers belonged to Arab coalition and its allies.

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