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fcc-022615.jpg The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted along expected lines to adopt new rules to monitor Internet service providers to protect open access and innovation, pacifying consumers and tech companies like Netflix, while creating heartburn for cable and telecom companies.

lynch-022615.jpg Despite opposition from a number of Republicans, Loretta Lynch's nomination as the nation's next Attorney General was cleared by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Hilary-022615.jpg Further reinforcing Hillary Clinton's position as the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, the results of a Quinnipiac University poll show the former Secretary of State with a substantial lead in an early look at the Iowa caucuses.

mobilepay-022615.jpg As consumers' choice for mobile payment surges, with smartphone makers, Internet companies and credit card firms in the fray, no clear winner is yet to emerge in this financial landscape that is set to flourish and chisel the fate of businesses, shows a survey commissioned by Placecast.

processedfood-022615.jpg Everybody knew it, but now it has been confirmed. A new study confirms that highly processed foods like chocolate, pizza and French fries are extremely addictive. According to the study, processed foods are highly addictive, with researchers even likening its addictiveness to hard drugs. Scientists...

football-022615.jpg Dunkin' Donuts angered supporters of Liverpool Football Club by changing the flames on the LFC crest to Dunkin's coffee cups. The flames are meant to honor the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives in the Hillsborough tragedy of 1989. The LFC supporters were crushed to death when authorities negligently...

The Department of State has warned U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Chad and recommended that they avoid travel to all border regions, particularly those areas adjacent to Chad's eastern border and the Lake Chad region. The entire Lake Chad region, not only along Chad's border with Nigeria,...

DurableGoodsOrders-022615.jpg Reflecting a notable rebound in orders for transportation equipment, the Commerce Department released a report on Thursday showing that U.S. durable goods orders increased by much more than expected in the month of January.

headtransplant-022615.jpg At a time when awareness on organ donation is catching up, a scientist is planning for a head transplantation. In an article published in the latest issue of New Scientist, Turin-based Sergio Canavero says a head transplantation surgery could be possible in next two years.

HKDisneyland-022615.jpg The Hong Kong government plans to hold talks with Walt Disney Co. on further expanding the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park to twice its present size. The move is part of the government's efforts to boost tourism and propel overall economic growth. The Disneyland theme park in Hong Kong is owned 52 percent by the Hong Kong government, while the remaining 48 percent stake is owned by Disney.

CPI-022615.jpg With energy prices showing another substantial decrease, the Labor Department released a report on Thursday showing that U.S. consumer prices fell by slightly more than expected in the month of January.

Facebook-suicide-022615.jpg Social networking website Facebook, Inc. has added a new feature for suicide prevention starting Wednesday. The new feature provides the user an option when they see a friend post something that indicates that he or she is considering self harm or suicide. It works on both desktop and mobile.

JoblessClaims-022615.jpg First-time claims for U.S. unemployment benefits rose by much more than expected in the week ended February 21st, according to a report released by the Labor Department on Thursday. The report said initial jobless claims jumped to 313,000.

UKMigration-022615.jpg Net migration in U.K. recorded a growth during the last four years, though the Cameron Government had promised to reduce it into tens of thousands. A positive net migration value represents more people entering the country than leaving it in a period of time.

The United States has expressed deep concern over the decision by a Russian court Wednesday to continue the detention of Ukrainian Member of Parliament Nadiya Savchenko to May 13. Savchenko has been on a hunger strike for 75 days to protest being held hostage by Russian authorities. The United States...

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