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donald-trump-081718.jpg In an apparent continuation of efforts to use the revocation of security clearance as a punishment, President Donald Trump has now set his sights on former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr.

trump01-aug17.jpg President Donald Trump announced the cancellation of his planned military parade in Washington, D.C. on Friday, blaming local politicians for the high cost of the celebration to commemorate the centennial of the end of World War I.

strikes-aug17.jpg A new Pentagon report has warned that the Chinese military "is likely training for strikes" against the United States and allied targets in the Pacific. The report warns that Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has been developing strike capabilities to engage targets as far away from China as possible. "Over the last three years, the PLA has rapidly expanded its overwater bomber operating a

trump-aug17.jpg The US Government created an Iran Action Group to implement the Trump administration's new Iran strategy to protect America's national security, and the security of its allies and partners. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said the Group will be responsible for directing, reviewing, and coordinating all aspects of the State Department's Iran-related activity, and it will report directly to him.

trumpsec-aug17.jpg U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed support for a possible end to quarterly earnings reports for publicly traded companies, saying it would allow greater flexibility and save money.

trump4-081618.jpg President Donald Trump continued his long-running feud with the media on Thursday after hundreds of newspapers across the country published editorials criticizing the president's "sustained assault on the free press."

trumpand john-aug16.jpg U.S. President Donald Trump has revoked the security clearance of John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Trump said his frustration with the investigation into alleged Russian election meddling forced him to take this action, but Brennan claims the revocation was to scare the president's critics into silence.

editorial-aug16.jpg On Thursday, more than 300 US news outlets have published editorials as part of a campaign to counter President Donald Trump's attempts to vilify the media, and to promote a free press. They are answering a call last week from The Boston Globe for a nationwide denouncement of the president's "dirty war" against the media, using the hashtag #EnemyOfNone. Marjorie Pritchard, Deputy Managing Editor

donald-trump3-081518.jpg A Quinnipiac University National Poll showing Democrats with a notable lead over Republicans on a generic ballot suggests President Donald Trump may hurt the GOP's chances of maintaining control of the House in the midterm elections.

dept-treasury-081518.jpg In a continuation of the implementation of existing UN and U.S. sanctions on North Korea, the Treasury Department on Wednesday announced actions against Chinese and Russian companies involved in facilitating illicit shipments on behalf of the reclusive communist nation.

turkey-us-081518.jpg Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a decree Wednesday sharply raising import tariffs on a number of U.S. products. As per the presidential decree, Turks will have to pay a 120 percent duty on cars imported from the United States. The tariff on alcoholic drinks has been increased to 140 percent, and the tariff on leaf tobacco has been raised to 60 percent.

omarosa-manigault-081418.jpg President Donald Trump's campaign has filed for arbitration against Omarosa Manigault-Newman, accusing the former "Apprentice" contestant and White House aide of breaching a non-disclosure agreement.

jeff-sessions-081418.jpg President Donald Trump took another swipe at the nation's top law enforcement officer in a post on Twitter on Tuesday, seeming to blame Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

usboycott-aug14.jpg In retaliation for U.S. sanctions on Turkey over its refusal to extradite a U.S. preacher imprisoned in the country, Turkish President Recep Erdogan threatened to boycott U.S. electronic goods, including Apple's flagship iPhone device.

donald-trump2-081418.jpg In the latest sign of how quickly he can turn on those who cross him, President Donald Trump continued to lash out at former "Apprentice" contestant and White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman on Twitter on Tuesday. Trump went so far as to call Manigault-Newman a "dog" in his latest tweet.

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