Green Technology


chinacoal-solarplant-082714.jpg China's coal consumption has decreased for the first time in the 21st century. According to an analysis by Greenpeace International, the decrease came even as the nation's gross domestic product [GDP] grew.

EDF Energy has confirmed that it shut down four of its nuclear power reactors in the UK for at least eight weeks after discovering a fault in a boiler unit. The down time resulted in a loss of nearly one quarter of the French company's total nuclear power capacity.

UKwindturbines-082014.jpg On shore and off shore wind turbines in the U.K. generated 22% of the nation's electricity on Sunday, August 17 - a figure that exceeds that of the 13% generated by coal energy. The figures come from Renewable UK, which notes that the previous one day record for wind power generation was 21%.

electriccarbattery-081114.jpg Cenex, the U.K. based non-profit research firm, has completed a two year project to reduce the weight of electric vehicle (EV) battery weight. Cenex succeeded in reducing the weight of the battery by 41% - or 99 pounds. The firm also achieved a 63% reduction in the cost of non-cell battery components.

A California company has won a grant to install 19 hydrogen fuel stations around the state. FirstElement Fuel Inc., based in Newport Beach, Calif., is hoping to take advantage of an influx of fuel-cell vehicles coming on the market in the next few years. The $27.6 million grant for fuel cell electric...

windpower-080514.jpg France has announced a $13.4 billion energy plan designed to reduce its dependence on atomic power from 75% to 50%. The nation plans on using home renovation and insulation as one avenue of saving energy - allowing home owners to deduct 30% of the cost of thermal insulation from their taxable income.