Green Technology


DriverlessTraffic-042716.jpg Dubai has adopted a smart self-driving transport strategy by which, 25 percent of all the vehicles by 2030, will be smart and driverless.

germany-cars-042516.jpg German government is planning to provide attractive subsidy for electric car buyers to usher in a revolution in the plug-in automotive market. The government's cash incentive project will be supported by the car industry.

Mickey-ShapedSolarArray-041316.jpg Walt Disney World, one of the most highly visited destinations on earth, has everything with a Mickey touch. The latest addition is its five megawatt solar farm which is set exactly in the shape of the popular cartoon character Mickey mouse.

Tesla-Model3-040416.jpg Tesla Motors Inc., which launched its latest electric car Model 3 for the masses have managed to receive more than 275 thousand pre-orders. Tesla charges a refundable $1000 for booking if the customer opts to cancel the order.

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