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imge1-032615.jpg Those with the highest levels of overall fitness at midlife may be at a lower risk to develop cancer later in life, according to a new study published in the Journal of the America Heart Association. The link was especially strong for men, who showed decreases in lung and colorectal cancers. For the study the researchers reviewed health records of just under 14,000 men between 1971 and 2009.

DietCoke-031915.jpg People who drink diet soda amass almost triple the amount of belly fat as those who don't drink it, according to a new study. The study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, analyzed, over the course of a period of nine years, data from 749 people ages 65 and older who were asked, every couple of years, how many cans of soda they drank a day, diet and/or regular.

Pink-Ribbon-021015.jpg Scientists are questioning the accuracy of breast biopsies in making correct diagnoses in cases of cancer or tissue abnormalities. In a new study, researchers examined the work of 115 pathologists and 240 breast biopsy specimens. They found that abnormal, precancerous cells were only identified half the time.

vegetables-031215.jpg People who eat a vegetarian or mostly-vegetarian diet have a lower risk of colon cancer, a new study has found. Researchers at Loma Linda University in California surveyed over 77,000 men and women over seven years, tracking their diet and other health habits. They found that men and women who ate a vegan or vegetarian diet had a 22 percent lower risk of colorectal cancer.

depression-031115.jpg Young people in rural American areas are at a higher risk of suicide than young people in urban areas. In a new study, researchers found that more than half of youth who committed suicide aged 10 to 24 between 1996 and 2010 did so with a firearm, with gun suicides three times more common in rural areas than in urban ones. The discrepancy has been credited to higher gun ownership in rural homes.

mixednuts-030615.jpg Adding more peanuts to your daily diet could be beneficial for your heart's health, according to a new study. This new study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, is a prospective study of 71,764 black and white Americans, primarily of lower socioeconomic status, and 134,265 men and women living in Shanghai. They consumed some tree nuts, but primarily peanuts, which are legumes, not nuts.

Measuringtape-030415.jpg A new study by U.K. researchers has revealed that most men's penises are no more than four inches long. For the study, the research team collected data on the length and girth of 15,000 men's penises from Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. Each of the men in the study fell between the ages of 17 and 91 years old, and each were measured as part of 20 previous studies on the topic.

vaccination-030215.jpg The majority of doctors give in to parents that request delays in child vaccinations, according to a new study from researchers at the Adult and Child Center for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science (ACCORDS) at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children's Hospital Colorado. For the study the researchers collected data from a group of 815 pediatricians.

Contrary to popular opinion, a new study says babies at risk of developing a peanut allergy should actually be fed peanuts. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that eating peanut products in the first 11 months of life significantly reduces the risk of developing the allergy — by as much as 86 percent in high-risk infants.

dish-022415.jpg Children in families where dishes are washed by hand have been linked to a lower risk of developing allergies compared with those who used a machine dishwasher, according to a new study. The new study shows that children ages 7 to 8 were less likely to develop allergic disease with hand dishwashing. Allergic diseases included eczema, asthma, and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (ARC).

sleeping-022015.jpg A lack of sleep might increase your chance for diabetes, according to a new study. The study, published online in the journal Diabetologia, says that a lack of sleep can lead to increased levels of substances called free fatty acids in the blood. These substances interfere with the ability of the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

Marijuana-021915.jpg New research may have found a reason for why smoking marijuana leaves you feeling hungry. According to a new study, published in the journal Nature, Tamas Horvath of Yale University and colleagues' report says that chemicals called cannabinoids in marijuana appear to make brain cells switch their normal functions, essentially fooling the brain's central feeding system.

boy-021815.jpg Daytime napping could lead to trouble sleeping at night for some pre-school aged kids, according to a new study from researchers in Australia. For the study the researchers collected data about kids' sleeping habits from their parents. They found that children from a wide range of homes over the age of two had some difficulty sleeping at night if they napped during the day.

Cigarette-021715.jpg Cigarette packs with no branding or logos could help reduce smoking rates, according to a new study from researchers at Kings College, London. For the study the researchers reviewed health data collected in Australia, where they have already adopted non-branded cigarette packages with larger health warnings. They found that since adopting the non-branded packs in 2012, smoking has decreased.

aids-021615.jpg A new aggressive strain of the HIV virus has reportedly been detected in some patients in Cuba, according to a new report from researchers in Belgium's University of Leuven. The new strain has been dubbed CRF19, and is a combination of the A, D and G HIV subtypes. Normally the virus takes between five and ten years to develop into AIDS, but the new strain develops in only three to five years.

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