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MorningSunRays-082616.jpg Viral infections are potentially more dangerous when contracted in the morning hours, according to a new study from researchers in the U.K. And while the timing of catching a virus may not seem like a significant factor, it could make a serious difference, researchers say. "It's a big difference. The virus needs all the apparatus available at the right time . . ."

DianNissen-081016.jpg Injuries related to the use of trampolines and trampoline parks may be increasing, according to a new study from researchers at Connecticut Children's Medical Center and the University of Connecticut. For the study the researchers looked at hospital data related to injuries occurring at trampoline parks.

millennials-at-work-081016.jpg More millennials are opting not have sex than people in other age groups, according to a new study from researchers at the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University. The study reviewed data collected between 1974 and the 1990s. They found that compared to those born in the 1960s, many more people born in the 1990s reported having zero sexual partners since the age of 18.

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