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Sleep-in-ruins-020916.jpg There may be a new treatment for jet lag on the way, according to a new study from researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. For the study the researchers collected data from 39 participants ranging in age from 19 to 36. They had each of the participants get on a sleep cycle in which they went to bed and rose at the same time every night for two weeks.

Whether you are a morning person or a night owl may be influenced by genes connected to the circadian rhythm, a new study suggests. In a paper published in Nature Communications, researchers from consumer genetics company 23andMe and San Jose State University report the discovery of 15 gene regions linked to our preference for or against "morningness."

deodorant-020316.jpg According to new research, the type of antiperspirant you use determines the type and quantity of the thousands of bacteria species that live on your skin. The study, published in the journal PeerJ, involved 17 study participants. Three men and four women used antiperspirant products, three men and two women used deodorant, and three men and two women used neither product.

beard-020316.jpg Bacteria collected from beard hair may help to develop new antibiotics that may be able to kill off infection-promoting strains, according to new research. Dr. Adam Roberts, a microbiologist from University College London, collected samples from the beards of 20 different men and sorted through roughly 100 types of bacteria he found.

Surgical residents who allowed more flexible hours as opposed to standard duty hour-limits, did not have worse patient outcomes, according to a new study. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, split 115 surgical residency programs at 148 affiliated hospitals into two groups for a noninferiority trial to test duty-hour rules.

terrierdog-020216.jpg Man's best friend may be able to read human body language in much the same way that humans do, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland. The researchers found that dogs were specifically adept at reading the emotions linked with human facial expressions. For the study the researchers used eye movement tracking to collect data on 31 dogs.

bedbug-020216.jpg Bed bugs in some regions may be developing a resistance to insecticides, according to new data collected by New Mexico State University. For the study the researchers examined on isolated populations of bed bugs in both Michigan and Ohio. They found that these populations of bed bugs required insecticide concentrations that were about 1,000 times larger than other non-resistant bugs.

Labrador-012616.jpg A strain of dog flu is quickly spreading across the U.S. this flu season, according to data released by the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). According to the AVMA, the outbreak started in Chicago in April and the specific thread of flu is the H3N2 virus.

bloodbottles-012216.jpg A new blood test may be able to determine if anti-biotics are the right treatment choice for some infections, according to new data from Duke University. The test will specifically help doctors determine if a respiratory patient is suffering from a virus, bacterial infection or non-infectious disease with similar symptoms.

It is growing more common for Americans to live past their 100th birthday according to new data collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Centers released data this week suggesting that of the 72,000 Americans that have lived to 100 are also living longer. "Heart disease was still the leading cause of death, but Alzheimer's disease . . ."

womensleep-012016.jpg Extra hours of "catch-up" sleep may help reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes that is commonly associated with sleep loss, according to researchers at the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the University of Colorado in Boulder. For the study the researchers examined a pool of healthy, lean men by first taking diagnostics after a week of normal sleep.

Ixodusricinus-011916.jpg Ticks carrying Lyme disease have been reported in more than 45 percent of U.S. counties, compared to 30 percent of counties in 1998, according to new research. Lyme disease is transmitted by the blacklegged tick and the western blacklegged tick. Published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control observed the last comprehensive survey.

mixed-breed-011916.jpg A new study suggests that dogs can tell if their owners are happy or sad. The study, published in the journal Biology Letters, featured 17 domestic dogs of various breeds with images of human or dog faces showing expressions of either happiness or sadness. The sound of a bark or a human voice in Portuguese (a language that none of the dogs knew) was also played.

Children-marbles-011116.jpg Increased social interactions could be an integral part of having a longer life, according to a new study from researchers at University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill. The researchers reviewed data collected from U.S. citizens ranging from adolescent to senior citizen. They examined the reported levels of social interaction, social support and social strain.

People under the age of 45 who are suffering symptoms from a stroke may opt to ignore or delay trips to the hospital, according to a new study. Researchers at UCLA interviewed more than 1,000 people about their actions within the first three hours of experiencing common symptoms of stroke such as weakness, numbness, difficulty speaking, or difficulty seeing.

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