Mental Health


Two out of every ten Alzheimer's cases may be misdiagnosed, according to a new study from researchers at the Florida Mayo Clinic. For the study the researchers examined the brains of 1,600 former Alzheimer's candidates ranging from 37 to 102. The researchers discovered that despite the ever growing medical technology there is still a wide margin for error when diagnosing the cognitive illness.

TransGender-Symbol-080116.jpg Transgender identity is not, in fact, a mental illness, according to a new report from researchers at the Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry and the World Health Organization. Though the report confirms rationally self-evident data, the researchers discovered that any mental illness within their transgender test subjects was actually a byproduct of hatred and intolerance.

pokemonGo1-072116.jpg Use of the wildly popular new gaming app Pokemon Go may help people with mental illness feel better, according to a new study from researchers at Media Psychology Research Center in Newport Beach, California. According to the Center's report, users that are otherwise largely sedentary and bound to the indoors may be getting more exercise and social interaction than normal because of the game.

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