Microsoft-121814.jpg Microsoft has brought an end to their browser choice web screen, which offered new Windows users various web browsing applications. The PC maker was ordered to create the screen, hosted at, as part of a 2009 antitrust suit in the UK but now that requirement has expired.

Uber is vowing to step up security measures after sexual assault charges were recently filed against one of their drivers. A Boston driver for the company allegedly kidnapped and raped a rider earlier this month and the company has called the incident a "despicable crime."

Applepay-121714.jpg Apple's iPhone-based Apple Pay system is gaining momentum nationwide with a host of new banks and retailers signing on. The system allows users to link a credit card directly to their device for payments and Apple now says they have deals with banks that account for 90 percent of the debit card transactions in the US.

microsoft-121614.jpg Two of Microsoft's biggest tech rivals, Apple and eBay, have thrown their support behind Microsoft's fight over data rights with US government. The Seattle tech giant is fighting against a warrant issued last year demanding the Microsoft turn over email data housed in Irish databases.

Amazon-Google-121614.jpg Google is reportedly preparing to take a swipe at Amazon by unrolling their own "buy now" button. Amazon currently allows users to purchase products with one click using a previously linked credit card and not Google says they're planning to do the same.

Uber-121514.jpg Uber, already under regulatory pressure in a number of key markets, faced a barrage of criticism Monday as the ride service company hiked fares in Sydney, Australia during an ongoing hostage crisis. With people scrambling to get far from a café where an Islamic militant was holding a number of hostages,...

Internet giant Google Inc. (GOOGL, GOOG) said Thursday that it will have to close its news service in Spain due to a new intellectual property law that the European country is going to adopt next year. In a blog post, the Mountain View, California company said it will remove Spanish publishers from...

T-Mobile has announced its unlimited 4G LTE Family Plan, starting at $100 for two lines. The cost rises by $40 for each additional line, up to eight more people. Previously, the company had been charging $140 for two phones with unlimited data.

E-commerce giant eBay, Inc. (EBAY) is mulling the elimination of thousands of jobs in early 2015 as part of the spin-off of its PayPal unit, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday. Ebay could reportedly be looking to attract potential bidders for the company by slimming down through the...

Samsung has announced an agreement with Corning to begin using the company's ultra-thing Gorilla Glass 4 for the touch screens of their new Galaxy Alpha smartphones. The glass is .04 mm in thickness and was specifically developed by Corning for use in smartphones.

Afterschool-120814.jpg A Michigan student has launched two petitions aimed at blocking the new After School iOS app. The app is geared towards school-aged children but after includes images and content of a graphic sexual nature.

Ubercabs-120814.jpg Following the alleged rape of a female passenger, authorities in the Indian capital, Delhi, have banned the taxi booking app Uber. According to a transportation official for the country, the company was "blacklisted" for "misleading customers." Any taxi using Uber in Delhi will be fined or even impounded.

Sony Pictures has had a folder full of company employee information leaked by a group of North Korean hackers called the Guardians of Peace. Security firm Kapersky determined that the hacks were created on a computer using the Korean language during working hours in the country, according to Engadget.

Amazon is keeping a tight lid on plans for their new ad-supported streaming video service. The company has previously denied any plans for a free version of the Prime Instant Video collection, but has now eased its position, stating that they merely have no new information on the project.

samsung-logo-112514.jpg Rumors are swirling about possible management changes at Samsung following a year that saw the company's profits dip and stock prices fall. Questions have arisen about the future role of both of the company's co-CEOs, J.K Shin and B.K. Yoon.