apple-imessage-092916.jpg Apple Inc. has repeatedly assured customers of its commitment to privacy and said that iMessage conversations are safe. However, Apple's iMessage logs the phone numbers typed by users for a text conversation and shares this information with law enforcement when compelled by court order, according to news site "The Intercept."

BlackBerry-092816.jpg Succumbing to competition from the latest smartphones, BlackBerry has decided to shut down its phone making business. Once a market leader and a highly preferred phone maker, BlackBerry's products were highly praised for its security features and ergonomic designs.

Facebook-WhatsApp-092716.jpg German Data protection regulator has ordered Facebook to stop sharing data of German WhatsApp users. There are 35 million WhatsApp users in Germany.

spermbankdonorapp-092616.jpg A new mobile app, which is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in the world, that allows women to select a sperm donor online based on various attributes say race, nationality, eye color, religion, skin tone, education and hair color, has been launched by the London Sperm Bank.

LarryEllison-Oracle-092216.jpg Oracle Corp.'s chief technology officer Larry Ellison minced no words in ridiculing Amazon.com and its Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform. While delivering his keynote address at the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco's Moscone Center, Ellison lashed out at Amazon, saying that Amazon databases are 20 years behind the latest release of the Oracle Database in the Cloud.

Yahoo-Hack-092216.jpg Yahoo is planning to confirm a massive data breach, probably involving several hundred million user accounts, Recode.net reported. The breached data might include user names, encrypted passwords, e-mail addresses, birth dates, etc.

SamsungGalaxyNote7-092116.jpg Samsung has started shipping Galaxy Note 7 phones to U.S. Around 500 thousand new phones have reportedly reached the the country and the recall will begin on Wednesday.

blackberry-092116.jpg Blackberry's Argon is likely to be launched as its third Android smartphone, the DTEK60, according to a product page that might have been accidentally hosted on the struggling company's U.S. website.

SprintCEO-SamsungGalaxyNote7-092016.jpg Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said he believes that the recent issues with Galaxy Note 7 will not taint the company's brand in the long term. In an interview with Fortune, he said the recall will be forgotten in six months.

Netflix-091516.jpg Netflix Inc. has urged the Federal Communications Commission or FCC to pressure broadband Internet service providers to end the practice of data caps, saying they are unreasonable and do not appear to serve a legitimate purpose.

Tim-Airpod-091516.jpg Downplaying fears of wireless AirPods falling out, Apple CEO Tim Cook in an exclusive interview on Good Morning America said the controversial device is more stable than wired earpods.

Apple-Pay-091516.jpg Several websites are beginning to launch support for Apple Pay on the web following the release of iOS 10 this week. This will enable users to make payments for their purchases from websites and away from apps as well as point-of-sale terminals.

iphone7-091316.jpg Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) were trading up on encouraging pre-order figures of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at T-mobile (TMUS). The new much sought after smart phone models went live at the Un-carrier, a campaign by T-mobile US as well as at Spirnt (S) on Friday midnight, breaking all previous records.

Apple-New-090616.jpg Apple Inc. is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 on Wednesday, but the tech giant reportedly plans to launch the new generation device without the analog headphone jack. According to media reports, Apple plans to eliminate the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, which will make the phone slimmer and also improve its water resistance.

chickfill-090616.jpg Chick-fil-A is offering users of its new "Chick-fil-A One" mobile app a free breakfast reward this month. The free breakfast reward is the fast-food chain's way of thanking customers for making the new app one of the top downloaded apps following its June launch and to also help ease customers into the "back to school" season.

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