Facebook-Feature-102016.jpg In order to make Facebook more user-friendly, the social media giant introduced a few attractive new features. Recommendation tool, call-to-action buttons, and new section pages are expected to attract more users in a world where there are more mobiles than human beings.

qualcomm-5Gmodem-101816.jpg The long wait for high-speed 5G will end by 2018. The Winter Olympics in South Korea will be the launch pad for the new technology.

announced the ban of Samsung Note 7 phones in all airlines. FAA instructed travelers not to carry the device. Recalled or replacement handsets will not be allowed in checked baggage also. Violation of the direction may attract criminal prosecution and fines. Air Canada also notified customers not...

galaxynote7-101316.jpg Hoping to retain its customers and to control further damages, Samsung Electronics on Thursday offered financial incentives to customers exchanging its damaged Galaxy Note 7 smartphones for other Samsung models.

aclu-101216.jpg American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU of Northern California revealed that data from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were shared with Geofeedia, a social media intelligence platform. ACLU also accused that Geofeedia marketed these data to law enforcement agencies to monitor activists and protesters.

NYC-Wifi-100616.jpg New York City's free Wi-Fi initiative has turned into a major hit after Internet browsing was cut off to block pornography consumption at the LinkNYC internet kiosks last month. LinkNYC network, the operator of the Wi-Fi kiosks, said that as of the end of September, 576,321 people have signed into the Internet service with their devices at the 400 Wi-Fi kiosks in the city.

fbmessenger-encrypted-100516.jpg Facebook, which started testing end-to-end encryption for its Messenger app back in July, has now rolled out the feature to all 900 million Facebook Messenger users globally. The feature adds a new layer of secure communication for the app's users.

ericcson-100416.jpg In a desperate cost-cutting measure, Ericsson AB plans to shed around 3900 jobs in Sweden. Entry of new technologies and reduced demand for network equipment have been troubling the Swedish firm.

apple-imessage-092916.jpg Apple Inc. has repeatedly assured customers of its commitment to privacy and said that iMessage conversations are safe. However, Apple's iMessage logs the phone numbers typed by users for a text conversation and shares this information with law enforcement when compelled by court order, according to news site "The Intercept."

BlackBerry-092816.jpg Succumbing to competition from the latest smartphones, BlackBerry has decided to shut down its phone making business. Once a market leader and a highly preferred phone maker, BlackBerry's products were highly praised for its security features and ergonomic designs.

Facebook-WhatsApp-092716.jpg German Data protection regulator has ordered Facebook to stop sharing data of German WhatsApp users. There are 35 million WhatsApp users in Germany.

spermbankdonorapp-092616.jpg A new mobile app, which is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in the world, that allows women to select a sperm donor online based on various attributes say race, nationality, eye color, religion, skin tone, education and hair color, has been launched by the London Sperm Bank.

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