Uber-Drivers-052317.jpg In a fresh crackdown on Uber, Hong Kong police have arrested 21 drivers of the ride-hailing service for illegally carrying passengers without proper permits in the Asian city. The drivers, 20 men and one woman between the ages of 21 and 59, were arrested in an undercover operation by the police for illegally carrying passengers for hire without proper vehicle hire permits.

GooglePhotos-051817.jpg Now Google photos comes with added smart features of sharing and printing. The latest upgrade has added facial recognition as well as Google Lens.

Uber-Europe-051117.jpg Uber's global expansion plans suffered a setback after an advisor to Europe's highest court recommended that the ride-hailing service be regulated as a transportation company. The European case is focused on whether Uber and other ride-hailing services should be considered as transportation services or digital platforms that merely connect independent drivers and potential passengers.

Instagram-Mobile-050917.jpg Popular photo and video sharing app Instagram has upgraded its mobile website with more features to make it more user-friendly. Instead of using the mobile app, users can do photo sharing and the other essentials using its improved site. However, application of filters, photo editing and video postings are not possible.

twitch-050817.jpg Popular video platform and community for gamers Twitch is planning to stream TV shows to the tune of "Choose your own adventure." The video show will gather feedback from viewers and will try to modify the further episodes accordingly. The plan is to transform the platform into a social television.

Apple-itune-050817.jpg Apple Inc. has clarified that it will reduce only the affiliates' commission rates for all iOS in-app purchases from 7 percent to 2.5 percent globally. Media reports in April indicated that Apple informed iTunes affiliates it will cut commissions for all app and in-app content from 7 percent to 2.5 percent globally from May 1.

Facebook-Hire-050417.jpg Following outrage over growing incidents of posting violent videos by users on its network, Facebook is hiring 3,000 content reviewers worldwide over the next year to monitor and remove content more quickly.

T-Mobile5G-050317.jpg Wireless carrier T-Mobile said it plans to deploy faster and robust 5G networks across the nation by 2020. Compared to the existing 4G networks, 5G will be 10 times faster and with improved connection features. Efficient technology and better signals everywhere help in handling multiple devices, apart from the phone.

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