Uber-Track-042417.jpg Uber has been reportedly tracking user's phones, even after deleting the app. However, the company now assured that it would not continue with such tracking anymore.

facebook-brain-computer-042017.jpg It will be an absolute revolution in communication, as Facebook is working on a technology that would enable brains to type and skin to hear. Instead of implanting anything into the brain, Facebook is planning non-invasive ways of using wearable sensors.

FB-Messenger-041917.jpg Facebook Inc. has unveiled Messenger 2.0 at its annual F8 conference for software developers making products for Facebook platforms. Last year, David Marcus, vice president, unveiled the initial Messenger Platform, which was created to enable businesses and third-party developers to make their own web robot or bot, an application to run automated tasks.

facebook-041817.jpg Facebook said it will review how it handles objectionable and violent content on the social networking site after a Cleveland man posted a video over the weekend of his shooting and killing an elderly man. The video remained on Facebook for more than two hours on Sunday, sparking outrage over the social network giant's inability to closely monitor violent content being uploaded to its platform.

RachelWhetstone-Uber-041217.jpg Uber's Head of Policy and Communications Rachel Whetstone left the company. She was the longest serving female executive with two years of service. The transportation network start up with a history of eight years, has been witnessing top level exits these days.

Twitterlite-040617.jpg Twitter on Thursday unveiled a data-optimized version of its regular service, called Twitter Lite, aiming to make Twitter more accessible to millions of people mainly in the emerging markets. The new mobile web experience is a faster, data friendly way for people to use Twitter. It uses 70 percent less data and launches 30 percent faster.

Amazon-reimburse-040517.jpg Amazon will reimburse parents who were billed for unauthorized in-app purchases made by their children. More than $70 million in in-app charges made between November 2011 and May 2016 may be eligible for refunds, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Trump-Privacy-040417.jpg Now internet operators and cable providers can track everything online as President Donald Trump signed to repeal the existing internet privacy rules. The repealed rules were originally passed into law by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC last year.

BuzzFeed-IPO-032917.jpg Internet media company BuzzFeed is preparing to go public in 2018, media site Axios reported Wednesday, citing industry sources. New York-based BuzzFeed was founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti and John Johnson III as a viral lab, focusing exclusively on tracking viral content.

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