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NeilYoung-102609.jpg Neil Young has officially unveiled his long-awaited Pono Music System at the 14th annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. Pono combines a $400 triangle-based standalone music player with an online music store. The Pono player comes with 64 GB of storage, plus room for another 64 GB via a microSD card, a 2.5-inch touchscreen, and two external speaker jacks.

Mjackson-072712.jpg Michael Jackson landed at number one on the Forbes magazine list of top earning celebrities after pulling in $140 million in 2014. Elvis Presley, number two on the list, earned just $55 million in comparison. During the course of the year, Jacko's estate released two albums and concocted a hologram performance for the Billboard Music Awards.

paulmccartney-04261.jpg A long lost Wings television commercial for their album Venus and Mars has surfaced in time for the album's reissue. The commercial, shot by Saturday Night and Sunday Morning director Karel Reisz, featured the band engaged in a game of pool. Paul McCartney dances around the pool table before the band's track "Listen to What the Man Says" kicks in.

David-Bowie.jpg The list of Black Friday Record Store Day exclusive releases is beginning to roll out as special collectible vinyl offerings from David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani have been announced. Bowie is releasing Legacy's Black Friday flagship title, an exclusive 10-inch single that features his new compilation's previously unreleased track "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)."

image8.jpg Bob Dylan has released the previously unheard cut "Dress It Up, Better Have It All" in anticipation of his forthcoming six-disc box set Basement Tapes Complete. The cut is streaming freely at Legacy Recordings' official Soundcloud page. "Dress It Up, Better Have It All" was recorded in the late 1960s and thought to be lost.

jonimitchell-101614.jpg Joni Mitchell will release a new remastered collection of her greatest hits. Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced features 53 songs spanning her entire career. The 4-CD box set features songs which have been hand selected by Mitchell and re-arranged into "themes," which reflect the quartet and ballet mentioned in the title.

Aerosmith-01192010.jpg In an interview with, Joe Perry talked about his second wife, Billie Paulette Montgomery, who he was married to for 30 years. "I feel bad for guys that have reached a certain amount of fame and fortune, whether they're sports guys or actors or anything like that, and they're looking for the right woman and there's always gotta be that thing in the back of your mind . . ."

LionelRichie-101709.jpg Rumors are spreading that Lionel Richie, not Robert Kardashian, may be the father of Khloe Kardashian, according to new allegations. In Touch has reported that Kris Jenner, Khloe's mom, had an affair with Richie in the 1980s, and that Khloe is their "love child." "They had a sexual affair - he bragged about it," a source told the gossip rag.

RollingStones-110409.jpg The Rolling Stones' sax player Bobby Keys won't be able to back the band on their upcoming Australia and New Zealand dates, because he's "a bit under the weather," according to the Stones' website. Keys is "under doctor's orders to take it a bit easy for the next month and hopes to see everyone soon."

NeilYoung-102609.jpg Neil Young has some harsh words for Barack Obama and the president's policies regarding fracking. Speaking on The Colbert Report, Young argued for Obama's impeachment. "I think we should impeach him for fracking," he began. "It's not in the interest of the American people . . . I am part of the free world, and he is the leader of the free world!"

heartband-101614.jpg The Foo Fighters are performing every night this week on Late Night with David Letterman, and were joined by Heart on Tuesday night for a performance of "Kick It Out." "We should do this every night!" Letterman said at the end of the set. On Monday, the Foos kicked off their residency on Monday night with a cover of the Black Sabbath classic, "War Pigs."

Beatles-102511.jpg A complete set of photos taken for the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album is set to hit the auction block this November. The signed and numbered set, which is expected to fetch up to $110,000, will go up for grabs to the highest bidder on November 21. It is believed that this is the only time photographer Iain Macmillan's shots have been collected and sold this way.

PhilCollins-021513.jpg Phil Collins is featured in the new documentary 808, in which producers and musicians sing the praises of the Roland TR-808, a programmable drum machine. The doc features a host of big names including Damon Albarn, Diplo, New Order, Fatboy Slim, David Guetta, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Styx-040811.jpg Styx and Journey have confirmed that they will be playing the second annual Carnival Cruise concert series. Journey will be performing on March 18 and 19, 2015 in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Styx will play on July 16-18 and July 20 in Nassau, in the Bahamas.

eagles.jpg Former Eagles fronter Don Henley has sued the Duluth Trading Company, a trading company who sent out an e-mail advertising its line of Henley shirts with the copy "Don a Henley and Take It Easy." "This kind of thing happens with some degree of frequency and the members of the Eagles always defend their rights, often at great expense," Henley's spokesperson said.