HoopMap-032317.jpg Twin brothers, Donte and Dominic Morris, have created Hoop Maps, an app to help people find a pickup basketball game in any area. The Sacramento State graduates, who grew up playing pick-up basketball, invented the app after finding difficulty to find the game in their location.

Apple-workflow-032317.jpg Apple Inc. has agreed to acquire Workflow, an iOS app for automating tasks, as well as its development team for an undisclosed sum. Workflow is a personal automation tool that enables the user to drag and drop combination of actions to create workflows for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

iphone-India-032317.jpg After long negotiations to win over one of the largest and fastest growing smart phone markets, Apple has decided to assemble its 4-inch screen iPhone SE in India.

GogleMap-032217.jpg Google Maps introduced a new feature to share real-time location to a contact for 15 minutes to 3 days. The feature can be turned off at any time by the user. The tech leader believes that the feature will help friends meet up in a large park or a restaurant at a new location. One can open share...

google-032217.jpg Offensive and extremist content appearing along with display ads has been creating headache for Google. There has been strong protests and boycott of ads by major advertisers and this has forced the company to expand their controls. The tech giant said the advertisers will have more say to display...

Uber-JeffJones-032017.jpg The turmoil at Uber has further deepened with the ride-hailing service's President Jeff Jones announcing his resignation after just six months in the job. The departure of Uber's No. 2 executive comes amid allegations of sexual harassment and an aggressive work culture at Uber.

Sony-PS3-Japan-031717.jpg Sony is discontinuing the production of the PlayStation 3 or PS3 in Japan after 10 years of launch, reports said, citing official Japanese PlayStation website. The Japanese site offers the Charcoal Black 500GB model of the gaming machine that was released on August 28, 2014. This is said to be the only remaining model of the PS3 still in production in Japan.

Modcloth-Jet-031617.jpg Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s subsidiary Jet.com Inc. is acquiring ModCloth, an online retailer of vintage women's clothing, according to media reports. Jet.com was itself recently acquired by Wal-Mart as part of efforts to challenge Amazon's dominance in the e-commerce market.

google-chrome0931517.jpg Google is ready to throttle background tabs in its Chrome 57 version to check battery life. Background tabs usually need more energy and consume up to a third of Chrome's power.

Gmail-money-031517.jpg Google has introduced a new way of sending or requesting money. You can now use the Gmail app for Android, which has Google Wallet integration. It is similar to sending payments via Google Wallet through Gmail on the web, a feature that is available for quite a while now.

facebook-Surveillance-031417.jpg Making its policies explicit, social media giant Facebook said developers can not use data obtained from them to provide tools that are used for surveillance. This will be applicable to Instagram also. In a privacy policy update, Facebook said it has been taking enforcement action against developers...

Tinder-Dating-030817.jpg Tinder has been operating a secretive, members-only version of its dating app for at least the past six months, TechCrunch reported. The members-only version, called Tinder Select, is meant exclusively for the elite users on the app, including CEOs, super models and other high-profile people.

VolkswagenCedric-030717.jpg Volkswagen is offering autonomous driving at the touch of a button with its new Sedric. The German automaker introduced its concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show. The name Sedric stands for self-driving car and is a cross brand ideas platform. The first concept car of Volkswagen has...

Nintendo-SwitchCartridges-030217.jpg While people may understandably be anxious to hold Nintendo's new gaming console Switch in their hands, Nintendo has ensured that people, especially kids, do not end up having the Switch cartridges in their mouth. The SD card-sized cartridges are found to have a foul taste to prevent them from being accidentally swallowed.

TravisKalanick-Uber-030117.jpg Uber's troubles seem to be only mounting. Already dealing with the impact of a top executive's resignation, allegations of sexual harassment and an aggressive work culture, the ride-hailing service has now landed in another controversy. On Tuesday, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick issued an apology to all his employees after a video showing him in a heated argument with one of his drivers.

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