sbiripple-oct5.jpg SBI Ripple Asia has launched a blockchain money transfer application on smartphone, called 'Money Tap'. Ripple announced on Twitter Thursday that "The Japan Bank Consortium launched Money Tap today, a Ripple-powered payments app to offer real time settlement for domestic payments in Japan." Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app enables users to send funds from their bank account to

windingtreeafklm-oct5.jpg European airline Air France-KLM announced its partnership with Winding Tree, a blockchain-based open-source travel platform, to develop Blockchain technology in the travel industry, aiming to help flyers and suppliers.

uslegislators-oct04.jpg U.S. Representatives Doris Matsui and Brett Guthrie have introduced a bill aiming to establish a common definition of blockchain technology. According to an announcement on Matsui's website, the bill titled "Blockchain Promotion Act of 2018" has been proposed for the establishment of a working group of stakeholders across the federal government and private industry to find the definition.

stanfordun-oct3.jpg In response to rising interest from students, CoinDesk has compiled a list of top ten universities in the United States that have invested heavily in developing curricula and resources around blockchain technology. According to an analysis by the news site specializing in bitcoin and digital currencies, Stanford University in California is the best place to learn about blockchain technology. In

binance-oct3.jpg Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has made a $2.5 million or A$3.48 million investment in TravelbyBit, an Australian cryptocurrency startup in the travel industry, for the expansion of its network of cryptocurrency payment terminals around the world..

redbelly-amazon-100118.jpg CSIRO's Data61 and the University of Sydney has announced that the first international trial of its Red Belly Blockchain has recorded increased speed and energy efficiencies at a global scale. The blockchain was reported to have reached a benchmark of 30,000 transactions per second after it was tested...

bitthumb-oct01.jpg South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has teamed up with ONEROOT, a blockchain project, to build distributed decentralized exchange. Under ONEROOT's "Rocket Plan", which was launched in early September, both companies formally signed a cooperation agreement for Bithumb to access the R1 protocol, developed by ONEROOT.

operalendal-oct1.jpg Norwegian web browser maker Opera Software AS is in deal with blockchain advisory and financial services firm Ledger Capital to explore the usage of blockchain technology to improve its product basket. The two companies are planning to explore further applications and use-cases of the blockchain technology as well as growth opportunities that could be applied to Opera products.

ibmblocn-sep28.jpg Insurance broking and risk management firm Marsh expanded its partnership with IBM to provide commercial proof of insurance blockchain solution to Marsh clients through the Salesforce.com customer relationship management platform. The use of blockchain solution will enable Marsh's clients to obtain the certificate of insurance digitally and instantaneously.

tdbankblockchain-sept28.jpg TD Bank Group has signed a public blockchain licensing deal with Hydrogen Technology Corp., aiming to bring automated, digital investing solutions to TD clients.

porche-blockchain-092718.jpg German sports car maker Porsche has increased its investments to access future technologies and business models by 150 million euros or $175 million over the next five years. These include artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual and augmented reality. The investment activities are being undertaken by Porsche Ventures, which seeks to invest in new startup companies.

fedexhoneywell-sept27.jpg FedEx, Honeywell International, and Constellation Labs are among the latest group of fourteen organizations to join the Hyperledger project, which is hosted by The Linux Foundation to improve cross-industry blockchain technologies. Others who joined the project include BetaBlocks, Blockchain Educators, Cardstack, Elemential Labs, KoreConX, Northstar Venture Technologies, Peer Ledger and Syncsort.

attblockchain-sept27.jpg AT&T Communications, part of Telecom giant AT&T, announced the creation of a suite of blockchain solutions to help Enterprise customers reduce costs, risk, and simplify business processes. These blockchain solutions are designed to work with technology from IBM and Microsoft, and are available in the market.

dfablockchain-sept26.jpg Dairy Farmers of America or DFA, a cooperative owned by dairy farm families across the U.S., announced that a pilot blockchain-powered project is underway in the area of food and agriculture. DFA has partnered with ripe.io, a food tech startup focused on blockchain, to transform the food supply chain for data transparency, and to better connect farmer owners with customers.

vincity-sep26.jpg Australian real estate giant Vicinity is set to trial a blockchain-powered energy distribution system to to manage its energy use and distribution in real-time, switching between solar and national grid energy. The trial is being conducted in partnership with Power Ledger, an Australian blockchain-based cryptocurrency and energy trading platform.

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