USCapitol-120316.jpg A $618.7 billion defense policy bill easily cleared the House with bipartisan support on Friday and now heads to the Senate. The House voted 375 to 34 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act, with four Republicans and thirty Democrats voting against the bill.

LuisVicente-120216.jpg Claiming President-elect Donald Trump continues to "spew hatred, bigotry and prejudice," Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said he intends to boycott the presidential inauguration in January. Gutierrez told CNN's "New Day" on Friday he cannot go to the inauguration of a man who is going...

FeatureCapitol-120116.jpg A bill extending existing U.S. sanctions on Iran for ten years was unanimously approved by the Senate on Thursday and is now headed to President Barack Obama's desk. The Senate voted 99 to zero in favor of the Iran Sanctions Extension Act.

LindseyGraham-120116.jpg With President-elect Donald Trump expected to revoke President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is reportedly readying legislation to extend legal protections for previously undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children.

federal-contracting-120116.jpg A $6.3 billion medical innovation bill easily cleared the House of Representatives on Wednesday with bi-partisan support. The House voted 392 to 26 in favor of the bill known as the 21st Century Cures Act, with only twenty Republicans and six Democrats voting against the legislation.

US-Capitol-120116.jpg In a voice vote on Wednesday, the Senate approved legislation designed to improve consumer access to entertainment events such as concerts and musicals. The bill known as the Better Online Ticket Sales Act seeks to end the duplicative practices of so-called "ticket bots" that monopolize tickets for the events.

NancyPelosi-GOP-120116.jpg The Republican Party has criticized Nancy Pelosi's re-election as House Minority Leader. "The American people have been trying to send the Democrat Party a message by selecting historic numbers of Republicans for office at nearly every level of government but Nancy Pelosi's re-election shows Democrats...

NancyPelosi-113016.jpg Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will remain House Democratic Leader after fending off a challenge from Congressman Tim Ryan, D-Ohio. House Democrats voted 134 to 63 on Wednesday to keep Pelosi as leader of the caucus, a position she has held since 2003.

JeffSessions-112916.jpg Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., is likely to be confirmed as the nation's next Attorney General by his Republican colleagues, but Democrats have signaled they will not make the process easy. In a letter sent to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Monday, eight Democrats who...

McCain-112216.jpg Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., released a statement Tuesday expressing disappointment with President-elect Donald Trump's pledge to withdraw from the massive free trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

berniesanders-112216.jpg While acknowledging the need for increased infrastructure investment, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., slammed President-elect Donald Trump's plan to rebuild America as corporate welfare. "During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump correctly talked about rebuilding our country's infrastructure,"...

randpaul-112116.jpg Senator Rand Paul, R-Ken., had some harsh words for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and suggested they may have trouble getting confirmed if nominated by President-elect Donald Trump for Secretary of State. Paul suggested that Giuliani and Bolton are "out there on the extreme" regarding foreign policy.

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