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Obama-3-012315.jpg President Barack Obama will not meet with Benjamin Netanyahu during the Israeli Prime Minister's visit to the U.S. in March, the White House announced Thursday. National Security Council Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan said Obama's decision not to meet with Netanyahu reflects Israel's upcoming elections.

Obama2-012015.jpg President Barack Obama told the American people in his annual State of the Union address Tuesday evening that the United States has turned the corner on its economic woes and is well equipped to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

US-British-011515.jpg Ahead of a meeting at the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron penned an opinion piece in which they recommitted themselves to what they called "our enduring mission."

Obama1-010915.jpg Continuing to aggressively push his post-election agenda, President Barack Obama has announced a proposal to make the first two years of community college free. In a video posted online, Obama said the two years of free tuition would be available to "everybody who's willing to work for it."

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