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crudeoil-121514_16Apr15.jpg U.S. crude oil surged for a sixth straight session on Thursday, with investors mulling over the slowdown in U.S. production, even as the dollar trended lower against some major currencies. Rising tensions in the Middle East and the prospect of increased demand for crude also helped oil tick higher. Nevertheless,...

obama-castro-041415.jpg Continuing efforts to improve relations with the island nation, President Barack Obama on Tuesday recommended that the U.S. government remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

AppleWarch-040615.jpg Technology giant Apple, Inc. confirmed recently that customers would not be able to just walk-in and purchase the much awaited Apple Watch across the counters at local Apple stores from April 24, when it is scheduled to start shipping. Apple reportedly told CNET that it will require some kind of online reservation in order to grab the Watch on the release date itself.

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