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ChuckHagel-112414.jpg President Barack Obama announced Monday that Chuck Hagel will be stepping down as Defense Secretary after less than two years at the Pentagon. Reports have suggested that Hagel's departure reflects an effort to transition from a period of reform at the Defense Department to an era more focused on external threats such as the terrorist group known as ISIS.

Iran said it will be impossible by the November 24 deadline to reach a comprehensive agreement with the six world powers over Tehran's nuclear issue, due to time limit and lots of details yet to be discussed, Iran's Students News Agency or ISNA reported Sunday, quoting a member of the country's negotiating...

Boehner-112114.jpg On the heels of President Barack Obama's controversial decision to take executive action on immigration, House Republicans have filed a lawsuit over the president's unilateral actions on the healthcare reform law known as Obamacare.

Warren-Headshot-112114.jpg Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has repeatedly stated she does intend to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, but the results of a new Democracy for America poll suggest she is the clear choice among progressives.

Obama1-112114.jpg President Barack Obama laid out his plans to take executive action on illegal immigration during a primetime speech on Thursday, touching off a firestorm of public and congressional controversy on the divisive issue.

President Barack Obama unveiled his plans during a primetime speech on Thursday to take executive action on immigration, touching off a firestorm of public and congressional controversy on this divisive issue. "Our immigration system is broken and everyone knows it," Obama said. The points or the...

Jimwebb-112014.jpg Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb has taken the first step toward running for president in 2016 by launching an exploratory committee. Webb would likely be a significant underdog to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination but is the first candidate from either of the two major parties to officially move toward a campaign.

img2-112014.jpg As President Barack Obama prepares to deliver a primetime speech on immigration, Republicans have already begun attacking the executive action the president is expected to announce. Many GOP lawmakers have pointed to Obama's past statements suggesting that he does not have the authority to take the proposed action.

whitehouse-Obama-111914.jpg President Barack Obama has revealed that he will announce his long-awaited executive action on immigration in a primetime speech on Thursday. In a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday, Obama said he will lay out the action in a speech from the White House beginning at 8 pm ET.

FI-OBAMA-052009_19Nov14.jpg Following the execution of a third American by the terrorist group known as ISIS, the White House confirmed that President Barack Obama has ordered a review of how the U.S. responds when citizens are taken hostage overseas.

Capitol-111914.jpg In a sign of continued gridlock in Washington in the lame-duck session, the Senate voted Tuesday to block two separate bills approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and reforming the nation's domestic surveillance programs.

whitehouse2-111814.jpg Americans are divided regarding President Barack Obama taking executive action on immigration, according to the results of a new USA Today poll, although a narrow plurality oppose unilateral action by the president.

official-111714.jpg While Republican lawmakers have expressed fierce opposition to President Barack Obama's proposed executive action on immigration, several leading Senate Democrats sent a letter to president on Monday voicing their support.

healthcaresymbol-032211_17Nov14.jpg As Obamacare's second open enrollment period gets underway, the results of a new Gallup poll found that approval of the healthcare reform law has fallen to a new record low. The poll found that just 37 percent of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act, down from 41 percent in early October.

whitehouse-111714.jpg Responding to news of the beheading of U.S. aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, President Barack Obama described the execution as "an act of pure evil." A video recently surfaced online showing Kassig being beheaded by a member of the terrorist group known as ISIS or ISIL.