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Hillaryclinton-041112_07Jul15.jpg Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton spoke out in support of debt-laden Puerto Rico on Tuesday, arguing that the island commonwealth deserves "a fair shot at success."

kerry-in-vienna-070715.jpg Negotiators for Iran and six major world powers have agreed to once again extend talks regarding a deal to address Iran's nuclear program. The negotiations will be extended until the end of the week, marking the second extension after the talks exceeded the original June 30th deadline.

Rally_02Jul15.jpg President Barack Obama traveled to Wisconsin on Thursday to tout his recently announced plan to provide more overtime pay for U.S. workers.

confederateflag-070215.jpg A majority of Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride rather than a symbol of racism, according to the results of a CNN/ORC International poll, although most still say the flag should be removed from government property.

reid-070215.jpg Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., touted Thursday's monthly jobs report as a sign of economic progress but said his Republican colleagues could be doing more to help American workers.

sanders-070215.jpg Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has seen a significant jump in support in the Iowa Democratic Caucus, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll, although he continues to trail front-runner Hillary Clinton.

MarcoRubio-070115.jpg Angered by President Barack Obama's continued efforts to normalize relations with Cuba, Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Ted Cruz, R-Tex., both pledged to block anyone the president nominates to serve as ambassador to the communist island nation.

obama1-070115.jpg Continuing efforts to normalize relations, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday the U.S. and Cuba will re-open embassies in each country's respective capitals later this month. Obama described the move as a demonstration that the U.S. and Cuba don't have to be imprisoned by the past.

Trump-Bush-070115.jpg Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and businessman Donald Trump top the list of Republican presidential candidates in a new CNN/ORC International poll, although both are well behind Hillary Clinton in potential general election matchups.

christie-063015.jpg New Jersey Governor Chris Christie officially kicked off his campaign for president at an event on Tuesday, joining an already crowded Republican field. Speaking at a rally at his former high school in Livingston, New Jersey, Christie declared he is ready to fight for the people of the United States of America.

jebbush-063015.jpg In an effort to underscore his commitment to transparency, former Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush will release thirty-three years of his personal income tax returns.

greece-063015.jpg Once again, Greece is in deep crisis. It is time to repay 1.6 billion euros debt installment to the International Monetary Fund. The European Commission is understood to have made a proposal to Athens to help it repay the debt. Discussions are still on.

Obama1-063015.jpg Following several recent victories for the administration, the results of a new CNN/ORC International poll showed President Barack Obama's approval rating has reached its highest level in two years. The poll found that 50 percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president.

Greece-Weekend-062615.jpg Greece has stunned European policymakers with its surprising call for a referendum next weekend on the terms of the bailout extension put forward by its European creditors even as the EUR 245 billion bailout is scheduled to expire on Tuesday. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras took the decision after an emergency meeting he held with his cabinet on Friday night.

SupremeCourt-062615.jpg In an historic victory for gay rights, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that same-sex marriage is protected by the Constitution and cannot be prohibited by the states. The landmark 5 to 4 decision is seen as the culmination of a rapid shift in public and judicial opinions on the issue.

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