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DonaldTrumpPresidential3-082516.jpg Amid signs he is softening his stance on illegal immigration, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump indicated Thursday he will unveil his exact plan in the coming days. "I will be making a speech on that, I would say over the next week, laying out an exact plan," Trump said.

DonaldTrump-LaconiaRally1-082516.jpg Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is well behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, according to a new Quinnipiac University National poll released on Thursday. The survey of likely voters found Clinton with a significant 51 percent to 41 percent lead over Trump.

HillaryClinton-Rally1-082516.jpg Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sought to defend her family's charitable foundation in an interview on Wednesday, dismissing Republican rival Donald's Trump's attacks on the Clinton Foundation as "ridiculous."

EricTrump1-082516.jpg Donald Trump's son Eric defended the Republican presidential nominee's refusal to release his tax returns on Wednesday, declaring that such a move would be "foolish." Trump argued that releasing the returns would lead to assumptions by a bunch of people who know nothing about taxes.

HillaryClinton-campaign1-082416.jpg North Carolina is increasingly seen as a swing state, and the results of a new Monmouth University Poll suggest the presidential election in the Tar Heel State is once again likely to be tight. Forty-four percent of likely North Carolina voters support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, while 42 percent back Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Trump-speech-082416.jpg Republican White House aspirant Donald Trump addressed an election campaign rally in Austin, Texas, Tuesday night to draw national attention to his call for border security as well as the need for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton's alleged misuse of the State Department to benefit the Clinton Foundation while she was the Secretary of State.

DonaldTrump-campaign1-082416.jpg Missouri has voted for the Republican presidential candidate in each of the last four elections, but the results of a new Monmouth University Poll suggest that the Show Me State could be in play this time around.

DonaldTrump-presidentialcampaign1-082216.jpg Continuing his attacks on his Democratic opponent, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has called for the shut down the Clinton Foundation. In a brief statement released Monday, Trump claimed that the Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt enterprise in political history.

PaulManafort-081916.jpg Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced the resignation of campaign chairman Paul Manafort on Friday. In a brief statement, Trump said he accepted Manafort's offer to resign from his presidential campaign this morning.

donaldtrump-081916.jpg Amid recent indications his rhetoric may be hurting him in the polls, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump expressed regret for some of his controversial remarks in a speech on Thursday. Trump told supporters at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, that it takes far too much time to be politically correct.

Trump-Iran-081916.jpg Donald Trump's presidential campaign has claimed that the U.S. government's airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the release of four Americans detained in Tehran in January was nothing but a ransom payment.

Hillary-081816.jpg Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are locked in a statistical dead heat in Nevada, according to the results of a new Suffolk University poll. The poll showed Clinton with a 44 percent to 42 percent lead over Trump among likely Nevada voters, with the two-point gap within the margin of error.

donaldtrump-081816.jpg Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has suggested that the U.S. should engage in racial profiling in order to prevent a terrorist attack. "Whether it's racial profiling or politically correct, we better get smart," Trump said.

Hillary-Trump-081716.jpg Hillary Clinton's campaign has refuted the rival camp's allegations that her health is failing and accused Donald Trump of "parroting lies based on fabricated documents."

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