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Obama1-112114.jpg President Barack Obama laid out his plans to take executive action on illegal immigration during a primetime speech on Thursday, touching off a firestorm of public and congressional controversy on the divisive issue.

whitehouse-Obama-111914.jpg President Barack Obama has revealed that he will announce his long-awaited executive action on immigration in a primetime speech on Thursday. In a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday, Obama said he will lay out the action in a speech from the White House beginning at 8 pm ET.

FI-OBAMA-052009_19Nov14.jpg Following the execution of a third American by the terrorist group known as ISIS, the White House confirmed that President Barack Obama has ordered a review of how the U.S. responds when citizens are taken hostage overseas.

whitehouse2-111814.jpg Americans are divided regarding President Barack Obama taking executive action on immigration, according to the results of a new USA Today poll, although a narrow plurality oppose unilateral action by the president.

whitehouse-111714.jpg Responding to news of the beheading of U.S. aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, President Barack Obama described the execution as "an act of pure evil." A video recently surfaced online showing Kassig being beheaded by a member of the terrorist group known as ISIS or ISIL.

U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday said there are several dangers to the economic progress in the Asia Pacific and reaffirmed his country's commitment to the region. In a speech at the University of Queensland, Obama pointed out that Asia has seen transformation of once war-ravaged countries...

Obamasign-111414.jpg Despite vehement opposition from Republicans, President Barack Obama reiterated his pledge to take executive action on immigration before the end of the year in remarks in Myanmar on Friday. Obama said immigration reform is "way overdue" and pointed out that the GOP-controlled House has had over a year to pass the bipartisan Senate bill.