White House


Bencarson-030415.jpg A day after announcing a presidential exploratory committee, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has made headlines for declaring that prisons prove homosexuality is a choice.

hillaryclinton-030315.jpg Hillary Rodham Clinton solely used her own personal email account to conduct government business while serving as Secretary of State, in possible violation of federal rules. In a story first reported by the New York Times Monday night, Clinton had no government email address during her four-year tenure...

Hilary-022615.jpg Further reinforcing Hillary Clinton's position as the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, the results of a Quinnipiac University poll show the former Secretary of State with a substantial lead in an early look at the Iowa caucuses.

scottwalker-022515.jpg While the 2016 Iowa caucuses are almost a year away, the results of a new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday show Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker leading the way among potential Republican presidential candidates.

Obamasign-022415.jpg President Barack Obama on Tuesday shrugged off demands from Republican lawmakers and followed through on his pledge to veto legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

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