RTT NewsStream

NewsStream is an advanced fully customizable web based real-time streaming news delivery system that continuously delivers all breaking news, economic news, commentary, market analysis, stock alerts, currency alerts and much more for just $50/month. You can create you own custom news filters to deliver EXACTLY the news you want by ticker symbols, industries, categories and regions.

Sign up  for your free 30-day trial to see for yourself how NewsStream can help you stay ahead the markets with RTT’s professional newswires.

RTT professional Newswire includes:

  • All Corporate Breaking News

  • Economic news from 50+ countries

  • Comprehensive Forex News

  • 24/7 Global Market Commentaries and Analysis

  • Stock Alerts, Currency Alerts, IPOs

  • Commodities and Treasury News

  • Important Wall Street Events Alerts

  • And much more…

Streaming News application

Create Custom Filters

NewsStream allows to create custom topics to filter only the news that is of interest to you by either entering a list of comma delimited symbols in the symbols field, or by selecting whichever Industries, categories and/or regions fields you are interested in. You may create up to 7 custom topics in addition to the default All News, Forex and Investor feeds.

Streaming News application