Heiresses Galore: The 10 Richest Women On Earth

Beate Hesiter
Beate Hesiter

Beate Hesiter is the tenth richest woman in the world, with a net worth of $13.6 billion at the end of 2016. Along with her brother, she inherited her wealth from their father Karl Albrecht Sr. after his death in 2014.

Dad was a German who, along with brother, took over the family's corner grocery store. The brothers grew this business into retail powerhouse Aldi, which is the second largest discounted retailer of food in Germany.

Aldi adopted a no-frills, low-price strategy just like its American counterpart Wal-Mart. Aldi Sued is now spread across Australia, United
Kingdom, Europe and United States.

Beate Heister has never worked at Aldi, but sits on its advisory board together with her husband and son Peter Max Heister. Beate is 65 years old and has six children. Her husband and children are also believed to have a share in the inherited fortune. Beate is a philanthropist who promotes education and takes up cultural and environmental issues.