Smashing Pumpkins Release Debut Album 20 Years Ago

2002 – ‘Eminem Show’ Released
2002 – ‘Eminem Show’ Released

Eminem released his fourth studio album, “The Eminem Show,” on May 28, 2002. The album followed Em’s smash 2000 release “The Marshall Mathers LP,” one of the biggest rap releases of the decade.

The album was initially scheduled to drop on June 4 and was pushed forward after it leaked on to the web. At the time Em told news sources he was furious at the leak.

“Whoever put my sh*t on the Internet, I want to meet that motherf*cker and beat the sh*t out of him because I picture this scrawny little d*ckhead going ‘I got Eminem’s new CD! I’m gonna put it on the Internet!’” he said.

“The Eminem Show” debuted at number one the Billboard 200 chart. It took over the top spot on the chart from P. Diddy and The Bad Boy Family’s “We Invented The Remix” and reigned on for five weeks. It eventually succeeded by Nelly’s “Nellyville” on July 13.

Fueled in part by the success of his hit singles “Without Me” and “Cleanin’ My Closet,” the album has gone on to be certified ten-times platinum by the RIAA.