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Kid Rock Upset Over Las Vegas Impersonator's Tila Tequila Stunt


A Kid Rock impersonator was recently photographed groping reality star Tila Tequila - but neglected to make it known that he wasn't the real Detroit rocker.

Since the impersonator, look-alike Craig Kory, did not make it clear he wasn't Kid Rock, websites and magazines, like Rolling Stone, have been printing the pictures.

After he upset Kid Rock, Kory invited the singer to his show in Las Vegas to ease his anger. He insists "I'm representing him well."

Kid Rock expressed his rage to Rolling Stone saying, "I wouldn't be caught dead with Tila Tequila, holding her f**king boobs and taking a f**king picture. I feel like I've really gotten all the drama and bulls**t out of my life, and then this s**t comes up. I'm also trying to avoid lawsuits, and one of these people could get me in trouble."

Admitting he used to enjoy other people dressing up like him, now he hates the thought of fake Kid Rocks pretending to be him to get freebies.

"All this is starting to distort my image . . . If you can grow a goatee, you're kind of thin, you can f*****g tuck your hair up under a hat and put on aviators (sunglasses), you pretty much have the look."

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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