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Pakistan Possesses More Nuclear Weapons Than India: Report

Two eminent American nuclear experts say that Pakistan is estimated to have more nuclear warheads than India and the two Asian nuclear rivals along with China are increasing their arsenals and deploying weapons at more sites.

Robert S Norris and Hans M Kristensen in their latest article 'Nuclear Notebook: Worldwide deployments of nuclear weapons, 2009' claims that while Pakistanis possess 70-90 nuclear weapons, the Indians are believed to have only 60-80.

The article published in the latest issue of 'Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' claimed that Beijing, Islamabad, and New Delhi are quantitatively and qualitatively increasing their nuclear arsenals and deploying weapons at more sites.

However, it says that the locations of the sites are difficult to pinpoint. For example, no reliable public information exists on where Pakistan or India produces its nuclear weapons, it said.

The report says that while many of the Chinese bases are known, this is not the case in Pakistan and India, where no credible information were found that identifies permanent nuclear weapons storage locations.

Pakistan's nuclear weapons are not believed to be fully operational under normal circumstances; India is thought to store its nuclear warheads and bombs in central storage locations rather than on bases with operational forces. But, since all three countries are expanding their arsenals, new bases and storage sites probably are under construction.

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