Les Claypool Freaked Metallica Out

Metallica 102709

Les Claypool says that the famous story about how the members of Metallica thought he was just too good of a bass player to join Metallica is not quite accurate.

"I'd say that's an untrue," Claypool told Minneapolis-St. Paul's City Pages. "James [Hetfield] said that I was too good in an interview - but he and I were hanging out quite a bit during the time they did that interview. And I said, 'What the hell are you guys talking about?'"

"'You didn't want me - you thought I was a freak!' James just laughed," Claypool remembers.

Claypool admits Hetfield and the band may have been right about him though. "I showed up for the audition with a bleach-blond mohawk, wearing baggy skater pants and two different-coloured tennis shoes," Claypool explains. "And they were all in black with tight pants and the whole bit."

Jason Newsted ended up getting the gig with Metallica, but Claypool then went on to form his band Primus.

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