Women Find Men With Bigger Penises More Attractive, Study Says

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Women may in fact judge male attractiveness by penis size, says a study from researchers at Monash University and Australian National University. For the study, the researchers surveyed 107 women in Australia about their opinions on male attractiveness.

They showed the women computer generated images of men with varying body sizes, weights, types and flaccid penis sizes without showing any facial features. Each man was ranked on a scale of 1 to 7. They found that penis size was more important to women than height, especially for shorter men.

"We show that penis size actually is important on some level and, importantly, it interacts with other traits," says Mautz. "A change in penis size has a larger effect for taller men than it does for other heights. This result could be because penis size was smaller when assessed relative to the height of a taller man."

Body type was the most important physical trait, however, and trumped penis size:

"You'd think that if penis size is super attractive, it might help shorter guys more. It does increase attractiveness for short men, but they still are under average in attractiveness scores," the researchers add.

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