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Apple, Samsung Readying For Smartphone War In India

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Hardware giants Samsung and Apple are going all out in India, doing everything that they can to woo consumers in the country. With experts predicting that the country will be one of the most important smartphone markets in the coming years, even stern sellers like Apple have cut their prices to compete well.

According to the International Data Corporation, India will become the world's third largest smartphone market by 2017 after China and U.S.

The love-hate relationship between Apple and Samsung, began as a simple business deal where Apple sought Samsung's help in manufacturing ARM chips for them. These computer chips make the device energy efficient and high functioning.

Over the years, Apple gained popularity and Samsung, a smartphone and tablet conglomerate themselves, continued to provide the chips to Apple. While the deal started out smooth, both tech giants have been clawing at each other over various patent infringements ever since.

This awkwardness of their relationship had a major impact on their market shares worldwide. In India, Samsung holds the status of the largest smart phone provider with nearly 40 percent of market share, while Apple comes second with about 16 percent.

India, one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets, continues to bat for Samsung solely because of its affordability. Samsung has been in the Indian market since 1996 and has its own manufacturing units as well as R&D sectors in the country. With a tempting price range that starts around Rs.6000 and a better understanding of the market, the smartphone conglomerate tries to reach out to the lower income group and beat Apple.

Recently, the Korean giant started offering 15 percent cash-back on purchase of its flagship Galaxy range, as it tries to induce customers to upgrade to high-end phones. Devices like the Galaxy Note 800, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Camera come under this offer. Apart from this, it has introduced a few appealing installment and other financial schemes to make its offering even sweeter.

Meanwhile Apple, a luxury for most Indians, has finally made its move in the Indian market to gain upper-hand by slashing its iPhone 4 prices to Rs.26,500 and releasing its iPhone 5 within a couple months of release in the U.S. Previously, Apple fans had to wait almost a year to get their hands on its latest products. Another factor is that Apple doesn't manufacture locally and hence, its only corporate center at Bangalore makes it hard for customers to reach out for help.

There have been several reports over the last few months stating that Apple plans to launch a low cost iPhone model ranging between Rs.24,000 and Rs.35,000 in July this year. Ahead of this, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4, priced at around Rs.45,000, is awaited for an early release in the U.S. this April 26.

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