Google Glass Privacy Concerns

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Google seems to always be under the scanner for privacy concerns. Around the time the California-based search giant held its annual I/O developers conference in San Francisco, where it showed off Glass and gave software developers information about writing apps for the device, CEO of Google, Larry Page received a not-so-happy mail from a group of Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus members hovering about the privacy and data concerns caused by Google Glass. The mail also demands a reply by June 14.

The letter sought an explanation for how Google would prevent Glass from unintentionally collecting data about users without their consent, and the steps which will be taken by Google to protect the privacy of other people when users put up their Glass. The Group also triggered questions on the facial-recognition technology and safety concerns for approval of new apps for the device.

Although the Glass is yet to be made for sale publicly, there are a lot of developers who paid $1500 for the device at the conference. Also, seven new Glassware or apps including Facebook, Twitter, etc., have been introduced to the wearable computer.

For the uninitiated, Google Glass is a smart device which lets the user take photos and record videos through the touch pad on the side of the Glass, or works on voice commands for the words 'OK, Glass.' People also can use Google search and get turn-by-turn navigation information on the small computer screen above one eye.

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