Poppy Turns Your IPhone Into A 3-D Camera

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3D is always exciting, no matter how old a person is. A group of entrepreneurs from Seattle has launched a Kickstarter (which funds creative projects) campaign for their iPhone accessory, Poppy, that turns an iPhone into a 3-Dimensional camera which can capture, view and share images and videos.

iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch are compatible with Poppy, and it does not need batteries or electronics. The widget carries a slot to hold the phone, and Poppy's mirrors capture two stereographic images using the iPhone's camera, which are combined to a single 3D form when the user watches it through the viewfinder. Poppy can also be used to watch existing 3D videos on YouTube, since YouTube also follows the same stereographic image technology.

Technically, the less-than-a-pound Poppy which is made of rugged ABS plastic, consists of mirrors which are positioned eye-width apart in a way that the images represent independently what is seen by the left and the right eye. The viewer built into Poppy separates the images, and the brain fuses them into a single 3-Dimensional outline.

Poppy splits the camera's view, and therefore, what the device captures are half the size of iPhone's usual images and videos.

The production of Poppy is expected to begin in October, and the shipment around November or December.

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