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EyeLock Unveils Eye-Scanning Tech To Devices

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EyeLock, a company that develops iris scanners for security checkpoints, is now bringing that technology to devices, Mashable reports. The EyeLock myris is a computer mouse-size device that connects with the USB port on your computer or a tablet. Picking it up and looking at it sets the sensor to immediately scan your eye and verify your identity.

So, fingerprint security is not good enough? EyeLock claims that a fingerprint has a one in 10,000 chance of resulting in a false positive, while with an iris it is near one in 1.5 million. The chance of error is brought down to one in 2.25 million when you let EyeLock Myris scan both your eyes;

Anthony Antolino, chief marketing officer for EyeLock says, "Iris, as a human part of the body, is second only to DNA in terms of its ability to authenticate someone with certainty. No two people on the planet have the same iris texture. Not even identical twins."

The software records the identification points in your eyes and asks for verification when you are trying to login into a service. The myris is compatible with Windos PCs, Macs and Chromebooks. It supports up to five different users.

What happens if an eye was plucked out and used to gain access? The eye-scanning technology can accurately tell whether the eye being scanned is alive or dead.

EyeLock expects to release myris later this year to both consumers and enterprise customers. The price has not been set so far.

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