Your Clothes Can Serve As Batteries

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Most of us have always been fascinated by Super Hero Armors like the ones worn by Tony Stark in Iron man. Imagine yourself clad in a suit that empowers you to charge your gadgets! The recent mind-blowing discovery by nanotechnology researchers at the University of Central Florida is that our clothes could soon turn into power sources. We may be able to bid goodbye to heavy, space-consuming batteries.

The researchers have developed a technology that enables wires and threads to transmit as well as store energy. They used super-capacitors, which are capable of storing immense energy, even powerful enough to start your vehicle and sheathed it over a copper wire. It was also found that the technique will even work on fabric and other materials.

Now that it is possible to store and transmit energy on the same wire, there will be no place for bulky batteries which always occupy a considerable amount of space in our electronic devices.

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