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Ne-Yo Drops 'Good Man'


Ne-Yo has offered up his new single "Good Man." The track serves as the title number to his forthcoming release and came as part of a large web preview of tracks from the new slow-jam packed release.

"This album focuses on the journey of what it is to be a good man: a good man to your spouse, a good brother to your brother, a good person to the world. I am not proclaiming to be perfect. A good man makes mistakes, learns from those mistakes, therefore to not then repeat those mistakes. Being a A good man is a journey."

"So I just wanna pick the phone up/Every single time you call/Then no matter where I'm in/I wanna be chillin with Obama talkin' business and see you callin' and tell him, "Hold up I gotta take this"/Let the world wait/Wanna wear it like the middle/Tell 'em I'm a spoken for a fellow/Ladies say, "Hello" like I'm who they want to be with/I do everything with my left, I know you'll see it trifiling/And baby I ain't nowhere perfect," croons Ne-Yo on the new release.

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