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Dierks Bentley Debuts His Clothing Line


Dierks Bentley has teamed up with Flag & Anthem on a new clothing line, which features vintage-washed t-shirts, button-ups, hoodies, jeans, and jackets.

"I can't say I'm overly fashion-oriented," Bentley told People. "So I think that is something unique about our thing. It is not meant for fashion people. It is meant for people like me, that when they were 17 years old, they saved up enough money to go buy a pair of Lucky jeans because they were the cool jeans to have back then."

"I kinda dress like my audience in some way," Bentley said. "Not on purpose! It's just who I am. Guys come to the show with their girl and they want to wear something that looks nice, but also something that their guy friends aren't going to make fun of them for wearing. I think we do a good job of balancing that."

Bentley's new clothing line was designed with the help of his stylist Annie Psaltiras.

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