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Coffee Shop Stands Up For Muslim Lady


A barista coffee shop in California refused to serve a man who insulted a women with racists comments.

The man appearing in a viral video uploaded to social media teases a women wearing a niqab, a garment of clothing that covers the face. The short video posted by @cjweleman on twitter got 1.78 million views and more than five thousand likes and re-tweets.

The video shows the man asking the women standing behind him in the queue, "Is this Halloween or something?"

In an immediate response, she questioned him and asked, "Do you know I am Muslim?" He retorted with hate speech and said, "It says to kill me, and I don't want to be killed by you, how's that?"

She further asked whether he is scared of her and whether he had read the Quran. He reacted furiously. At this point barista staff and someone present there asked the man to get out of the place.

Barista employee explained that he was not served because of disrupting a public place and being very racist.

There were around five hundred comments about the video, and one of the comments read, "It boggles my mind that anyone can be so ignorant in a country as wealthy as US where everyone has the opportunity for a liberal education. Some people just have such closed minds."

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