Jimmy Eat World Offer Band-Naming Advice

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In a series of hilarious tweets last week, Zach Lind, the drummer of Jimmy Eat World, shared his regrets about the name of their band and doled out advice for future band-naming.

"Advice for new bands: When coming up with a band name, make sure it's acronym displayed really large on your artwork or t shirts won't be complicating matters. You're welcome."

He also went on to share some of the band's history by relating the story of how they decided upon the name. According to him, when the band was rehearsing in his garage one day, they were informed by their vocalist, Jim Adkins that they had been asked to perform at the "Name Brand Exchange in Mesa on Southern and Val Vista in Feb of 94," but they were facing a dilemma because they hadn't yet picked a good name for themselves to go by.

"Tom and Rick (who wasn't in the band quite yet) played in a band together that would change their name for every show. Me, zach, would go to a lot of those shows and I was there when they called themselves "Jimmy Eat World" and it stuck with me," and apparently, in under five minutes, they had decided to stick with it!

"So moral of the story: even seemingly small and insignificant decisions can be much bigger than you could imagine. Slow down sometimes and make sure it's right," he said in the closing tweet.

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