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Jennifer Nettles Shares Support For Sexual Assault Victims


Sugarland member Jennifer Nettles has posted a series of tweets expressing her support for sexual assault victims.

The open letter of support came after the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh's appointment as a Supreme Court justice on Saturday October 6. Earlier, several former classmates and acquaintances of Kavanaugh alleged that he had sexually assaulted them.

"Hello Loves, I want to take a moment to send some love to the women who follow me. And I want to talk to you. (Everyone is welcomed to read this, but this feels quiet and intimate and something that I want to share within the "red tent" because it's so tender.)," she began her series of Tweets.

"I've been quiet over the past couple of weeks. Some of my quiet is lovely & practical: busy, working mama getting my son settled into kindergarten. Some of it has been to allow myself reflection as I watch the volley of pain and anger pinball around re:Kavanaugh confirmation."

"I know some of you might wish that I never address anything remotely "political" and that my socials could be simply as entertaining as you might consider my art to be. For those of you who do feel that way, I certainly hate disappointing anyone."

"At the same time, I know there are people, in particular, young women, who look to me as a role model, who are hurting right now and who might appreciate hearing from me. For them, I will cross the boarder of entertainment and walk into a space of human love and support."

"To my loves out there who are hurting & triggered & angry over the painful behaviors & histories & opinions & decisions happening in our government and our citizenry right now, I first want to say that I see you and I love you. I also want to tell you that I believe you."

"I see you and I believe you when you share your pain. I believe you even if you haven't shared it for years. Even if it was so traumatic and complicated that you put it in a compartment in your mind marked "do not open" and are just now being confronted with it."

"I believe you even if you didn't get a medical exam. Even if there was nothing that could be examined. I believe you if you still have yet to tell anyone."

"I believe you if you can't remember any of the contextual details around where you were hurt and only remember HOW you were hurt or the fact THAT you were hurt and by WHOM you were hurt."

"I believe you if you didn't tell anyone because you were afraid of being blamed or afraid of the people who love you experiencing pain because someone had hurt you. I believe you, I believe Dr. Ford, I believe women, I believe all survivors."

"I am sorry for your hurt. I hold your wounding quietly and tenderly. There is so much more to be discussed. But this is what I want to say most. I love you. I believe you. I am sorry. I see you."

Recently, Nettles joined the cast of an upcoming feature film on the life of abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

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