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Trump May Not Skip 2019 White House Correspondents Dinner


President Donald Trump says he is considering to attend White House Correspondents Dinner for the first time, which he boycotted in the past.

"So-called comedian Michelle Wolf bombed so badly last year at the White House Correspondents' Dinner that this year, for the first time in decades, they will have an author instead of a comedian," Trump tweeted.

The White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) announced earlier this week that Ron Chernow, one of the most eminent biographers of American presidents and statesmen, will be the featured speaker at its annual dinner, to be held on April 27, 2019.

Trump described the decision as "Good first step in comeback of a dying evening and tradition."

He closed the brief statement with a half-hearted question: "Maybe I will go?"

WHCA president Olivier Knox said that "Ron will share his lively, deeply researched perspectives on American politics and history...As we celebrate the importance of a free and independent news media to the health of the republic."

Chernow said he will make the case for the First Amendment, and promised that his history lesson "won't be dry."

His biography of President George Washington won the Pulitzer Prize.

Michelle Wolf made a sharply anti-Trump performance at the WHCA Dinner speech this year, which evoked criticism from the White House.

And the organization's president said Wolf's controversial routine was "not in the spirit" of the group's mission.

Trump broke the tradition by staying away from the high profile event.

Trump has skipped the event last year too.

This is for the first time in past few decades that the White House Correspondent preferring not to invite a comedian to deliver the key note address at the annual dinner.

Wolf responded to the move to cut comedy from the dinner by calling the White House correspondents "cowards."

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