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House Democrats Pass Bills Intended To End Government Shutdown


Not long after officially taking control of the chamber, House Democrats voted late Thursday to approve legislation intended to end the nearly two-week long partial government shutdown.

The House voted in favor of two government spending bills, with both votes coming down largely along party lines.

One bill passed by the House would fund eight departments closed by the shutdown for the rest of the fiscal year, while the other would fund the Department of Homeland Security through February 8th.

The bills would reopen the parts of the government affect by shutdown and give lawmakers more time to negotiate over the issue of funding for President Donald Trump's controversial border wall.

The legislation is not expected to make much further progress, however, as the White House has already threatened to veto the bills.

A policy statement from the White House claimed the legislation "provides unnecessary funding for wasteful programs while ignoring the Nation's urgent border security needs."

Democrats noted Republicans in the Senate previously approved the appropriations bills, looking to blame Trump and the GOP for the ongoing shutdown.

Newly sworn in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., accused Trump of holding public employees hostage in order to win funding for his border wall.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ken., has repeatedly stated the Senate will not vote on legislation that does not have the support of the president.

Trump has invited Congressional leaders to the White House on Friday, although the last meeting made no meaningful progress toward ending the shutdown.

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